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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TGO Party / Scrubbed Rocket Launch

As planned, we attended the TRVN (Tiffin RV Owners Network) party at the TGO pavilion on Saturday night.  The four Tiffin owners that hosted it did a great job in planning and setting up the facility.  We saw a few people that we knew, and met others that are on the TRVN network.  Here are a few pictures at the party…….

 TGO Party 001

TGO Party 002TGO Party 003

TGO Party 004

TGO Party 006

TGO Party 007

After the party, we went to the coach of one of the attendees to see an after-market ceiling fan installation in the bedroom.  We were considering getting one put in by Custom RV in Red Bay on this trip.  After seeing it, we decided to go ahead and get it installed. 

We then returned to our coach and went to bed early so we could get up at 3:00am and go about 15 miles to see the launch of the Columbia rocket into space.

We did get up at 3:00am and left for the rocket launch viewing area….. a beach!!  We weren’t the only ones because the highway was busy.  As we approached the area, cars and motorhomes were parked all along the highway.  We managed to find a place right at the beach to park…. I backed in between two parallel parked cars!! 

We got there about 45 minutes before the launch time, and got our lawn chairs and sat in a very good viewing area.  Then, about 4:20am, the announced that the launch was being scrubbed for that morning.  Expecting a traffic problem, we hurried to the car and got on the road, but we still got stuck in the traffic!!

Here are some pictures, but it was dark!!!

Failed Rocket Launch 001

Failed Rocket Launch 002

Failed Rocket Launch 005

You can barely see the Honda backed in between the other two cars…………

Failed Rocket Launch 007 Failed Rocket Launch 009

The traffic was so heavy that it took us almost two hours to get back to TGO (about 15 miles).  When we got back, we got the motorhome and car ready to travel, and headed out for Red Bay.  We drove about 400 miles and then settled on a Wal-Mart parking lot to watch the Super Bowl.  After the Super Bowl, we chose to stay there and spend the night.

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