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Friday, February 12, 2010

Paint Repair Wrap-up

Thursday and Friday were fairly quiet days in Red Bay.  The weather was cold…….. in the low 20’s each night, but we were warm and cozy inside the paint shop bay.  

On Thursday, they pretty well finished the painting, but by the end of the day, the painters were not satisfied with the final finish.   The major color, brown, was too dark, so on Friday morning, they repainted and clear coasted it. 

We spent Wednesday and Thursday nights inside the metal shop building without antenna or satellite TV reception.   We have watch 5 movies on DVD that we got from our son and DIL several months ago, and have been hauling around the country.  It was a couple of nice, quiet nights!!

We left the shop today about 12:30pm, and went to the Red Bay Campground to have an electrical hookup for the cold weather on Friday night.  Here are more of the sequential pictures that I took:

Sanding and Prep…….

Deaton's Shop 012

Deaton's Shop 013

The color that turned out to be too dark after the clear coat was applied……….

Deaton's Shop 014

Deaton's Shop 015

Deaton's Shop 017 

The re-paint being dried on Friday morning……………

Deaton's Shop 018

Deaton's Shop 019

Deaton's Shop 020

Deaton's Shop 021

I haven’t taken a final outside photo of the paint job yet, but we are very satisfied with the result.  I really can’t say enough about the staff at Bruce Deaton’s Paint and Body shop.   They do excellent work, and have very high standards for the finished product.   I say all of this about a job that was done on a week when the owner, Bruce Deaton, was not at the shop due to recovering from a major medical procedure.  I would not hesitate to recommend Deaton’s shop to anyone for a paint job.

Before we leave Red Bay, we still want to get a ceiling fan installed in the bedroom of the Bus, and have our fresh water level indicator modified.  We have an appointment with Custom RV on Saturday morning at 11:00am. 

We expect to be on the road by 2:pm Saturday.  This fits very well with the weather that has been experienced on our route to Texas, and the forecast for sunny skies on Saturday morning.  The weather here in Red Bay, even though it has been cold, has been dry with not rain or snow.

We should reach home on Sunday afternoon.