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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Going North on Scenic Highway A1A

We left the Indian casino late this morning to avoid rush hour traffic on the roadways around Miami.  We moved over onto scenic highway A1A (the coastal version of highway 1) somewhere close to Boca Raton. 

What we saw on highway A1A was a lot of upscale housing development, very little access to the beaches, and some very well landscaped yards and roadways.  In no particular order, here is a sampling…….

Highway A1A 005

Highway A1A 008

Highway A1A 020

Highway A1A 025

Highway A1A 031

Highway A1A 033

Highway A1A 036

Highway A1A 038

Highway A1A 041

Highway A1A 042

Highway A1A 051

Highway A1A 064

Highway A1A 067

Highway A1A 054

We drove through Ft. Pierce and saw some murals painted on buildings.  We found a Walmart, and decided to spend the night there.  We then took the car and drove back to take pictures of the murals.  We only took one picture of this one………….

Highway A1A 004

Another building had several murals on it, and the building itself was colorful, but the murals were some of the best that we have seen.  Note that the painted roof tiles were hard to distinguish from the actual tiles!!  There are several shots of each one……….

Highway A1A 013

Highway A1A 015

Highway A1A 016

Highway A1A 021

Highway A1A 026

Highway A1A 027

During our travel today, we went back and forth between highways 1 and A1A, each time crossing the intercostal canal.  Several crossings had drawbridges, and we got caught twice.  In Ft. Pierce, we were near the front, and caught pictures of the boats going through,,,,,,,

Highway A1A 059

Highway A1A 061

Highway A1A 058

Finally, another day….. another sunset.  Patsy shot these in Ft. Pierce…..

Highway A1A 081

Highway A1A 084

Highway A1A 086

Highway A1A 087

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Lambe Travels said...

Some really nice pics. Looks like you're "doin it all". Stop by Coral Castle, if you haven't already. It's amazing!!!