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Saturday, February 6, 2010

North to Titusville Via Highway A1A

We spent Tuesday night on a Wal-Mart parking lot in Ft. Pierce, FL.  We got up on Wednesday morning, and continued our trek on Highway A1A.  Our goal was to get to Christmas, Fl, where Mark and Sue were parked at her brother’s house.  They had invited us to camp with them.  Her brother has a 6 acre spot about 20 miles from Christmas and out in the ‘country’.    Plus, out destination is “The Great Outdoors” (TGO), an RV community where we are going to attend a Tiffin party.

On the way, we got to see a lot of beach area, but it was cold, cloudy and windy.  Here are some pictures……

Highway A1A 091

Highway A1A 094

Highway A1A 102

Highway A1A 113

Highway A1A 120

Highway A1A 122

Highway A1A 127

Highway A1A 130

We arrived at Sue’s brother’s place early in the afternoon, and after we got set up, we took off to see the TGO facility.  We got past security and rode around the compound.

Here are some pictures of our camp site for the night.

The city sign…….

Christmas FL 001

A little decoration in honor of the town’s name……

Christmas FL 002 

Mark and Sue’s rig already parked…….

Christmas FL 003 

Our site……………….

Christmas FL 004 

Campground “security” AKA ‘Tramp’………

Christmas FL 005 

Water source….. not really!!

Christmas FL 006

Tomorrow, we head to TGO and get set up for three days.

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