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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Grandkids Summer Road Trip–#2

The trip to Memphis was about 150 miles, but it seemed to wear a couple of the kids out……..


But, they woke up and were playing games while we set up the Bus for camping…….


Here’s our camp site and the view of the river.  The roadway in the second picture is right behind our Bus, and has Bbnches lining the river for viewing the traffic ……….



After getting set up, we went for a drive through a part of Memphis.  Our first sight was Beale street, but we only drove close to it.  It was about 5:00pm on Friday, and the street was already blocked off with police presence very prominent!!

We then drove along the river, and ended up stopping at the Pyramid Bass Pro shop that now occupies the old Great American Pyramid and the Pyramid Arena originally built by the City of Memphis for events, but did not meet expectations.  It has re-opened as a major Bass Pro shop.


We enjoyed our quick tour of the inside, and decided that we would spend more time in it on Saturday afternoon.  More pictures to come.

On Saturday morning, Grammie and Aubrey made pancakes for breakfast…….. here’s proof…..IMG_2727

After breakfast, our plan was to meet up with Patsy’s cousin, Betty and husband Vernon at the Shelby Farms Family park to let our three grandkids meet up with their four grandkids.  Since our meet up was at 2:00pm, we decided to drive to the south side of Memphis (actually, Olive Branch, MS) to pick up some Bus parts. 

We got the parts, and while checking out, the cashier saw the kids and asked if we were hungry, as they were having hamburgers and hot dogs …………… Matthew disappeared in the direction that she pointed!!


So, since it was about 1:00pm, we had lunch.  The hamburgers were actually pretty good and ……. FREE!  Rachel also like her hot dog!


We enjoyed lunch so much that we were a little late meeting up with Betty and Vernon at Shelby Farms Park  I made good time through Memphis, and we were only about 10 minutes late, but we did meet up with them.  It was a large park, and a part of the playground area was shut down due to the heavy rains leaving standing water, but the kids had fun with what was open.  Here are some pictures:

Rachel in the slide tower, but not sure she wants to slide…..


Aubrey showing Rachel that it is OK….


Rachel deciding ….. “I’ll go for it!”


And then again!!


   L to R…. Rachel, Madeline, and Henry……


Henry and Connor…..


Got another picture of Madeline and Rachel….


     and one of Patsy and I with the grandkids at the park provided by Dana McDonald, one of Betty’s daughters….


Nathan was all over the place, but never managed to get into any of our pictures…….. but he was for sure there!

After the park, we made our follow-up trip to the Pyramid Bass Pro Shop.  Bass Pro designs their shops to be a pleasure to walk around in, with taxidermy-type wild animals, aquariums, ponds with live fish, and great scenic backgrounds.  However, on this one, they really spent some time and money to fix the pyramid up.

The following are the best pictures that we got, and will give a overview of the store and building.  We did not travel to the top of the elevator for the scenic view, and chose to do that next time.  We are thinking that when we meet up with Deanne to ‘give Rachel back’ next Sunday, we will do it then!

Here are the pictures………


Matthew demonstrating his rifle skills…..


Aubrey finally decided that she wanted to try her luck!!  Rachel had the chance, but chose not to show her violent side that day!!


Rachel with the lighted elevator shaft in the background!


That will wrap up our visit to Memphis.  Sunday morning will travel to Red Bay for work on the Bus.


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