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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Catching Up and A New Road Trip

I need to catch up on this blog…………. before we head out on a new trip with all three grandkids!

Since our last trip to Florida and back, we have attended three local Allegro Rallies…………….. two with the Lone Star Club, and one with the Bluebonnet Club.  In April, each club had a rally at Pioneer RV park in Port Aransas, Texas and Patsy and I  co-hosted each one.  The Porters hosted with us for the Lone Star rally, and the Woods hosted the Bluebonnet rally with us.  The rallies worked out well, because I don’t do hosting very willingly, and the other three in each case did a great job!!

The Lone Star Rally was scheduled on the weekend of the annual Port Aransas Sand Fest (Sculpture) weekend, which added a lot of fun to the rally!  Here are some Sculpture pictures………..(NOTE:  The first three are in the early stages, and still have some of the forms in place to pack the sand.  The sculpture continually sprayed a water mist on the sand to keep it most and packed.)


The following were done by ‘committee’, and were centerpieces. 


Here are some of the ‘almost’ finished sculptures……….

IMG_5687IMG_5758IMG_5761IMG_5760IMG_5765IMG_5767IMG_5772IMG_5785It was curious how people were allowed to walk right up to the sculptures!  There was a lot of foot traffic.


A washer toss competition at the Bluebonnet Allegro Rally….


Could this be the reason that we ran out of meat at the Bluebonnet Rally?  Not really!….


Big Rigs and tow vehicles at the Bluebonnet Rally…….


And lastly, our rig after driving to Port A for the Lone Star Rally and having killed about a billion love bugs!!


All thee rallies were fun and we had a good time visiting other people who like the RV lifestyle.  When we attended the Lone Star Rally at the Colorado Landings RV Park in La Grange, TX was a visit to a miniature donkey farm…..


The ranch even had a very large dog!!


The next post will be on our Summer Road Trip with all of our Grandkids!!

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