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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Grandkids Summer Road Trip–#6

It rained most of the night, and when it let off on Friday morning, we left the campground to visit Rock City and ride the Incline Railway.  Even though the rain let off, it was intermittent showers all day until about 4:00pm when some sun broke through.

First stop was Rock City where we traded our combo tickets for some ‘real tickets’ that got us into the attraction.  We found out that they handed out light-weight ponchos at the ticket booth for free, so we each took one.  It’s a good thing that we did, because it did rain off & on.

Rock City is a paved ‘hilly’ area covered with very large boulders, steep hills, and paved paths through and around the boulders.  A lot of the paved path is steps, both up and down!!  The pictures will tell the story………


We completed our tour of the rocks in Rock City, and left to visit the last of the “big three”, the Incline Railway.  The Incline has been around for over a hundred years, transporting people up and down Lookout Mountain….. in the early days, it was a commute.  Now, it’s an attraction and a commute.

We drove to the station on top of the mountain, and rode it down and back up.

IMG_6804We had good views from the top of the railway…… on top of the mountain……

IMG_6722IMG_6742 (2)IMG_6747 (2)IMG_6735

We had a 30 minute wait after we got to the lower level, so we decided to cross the street for ice cream.  Rachel got her favorite….. mint with chocolate chip!

IMG_6754 (2)IMG_6755

The view of the lower station from the ice cream shop…..


The ice cream shop across the street from the lower station…..


We had better seats for a view on the way back up…….

IMG_6771IMG_6773This will wrap up our three days in Chattanooga.  Tonight the grandkids will swim at the campground pool again, and Grammie is making spaghetti for dinner tonight. 

Saturday morning, we will pull out of the campground and head north to Nashville, TN.

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