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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Grandkid’s Summer Road Trip–#4

Wednesday morning was our scheduled departure from Red Bay.  We got the body damage on the rear PS of the Bus repaired, and I think we have fixed the problem with our dash a/c. 

While at Red Bay, Patsy heard the bedroom ceiling fan making a squealing noise, so I bought a new replacement motor at the Tiffin Parts store.  However, when I got back to the Bus, it wasn’t the correct one.  Our fan is remote controlled, and the motor was for a switch-controlled fan.


I took it back to exchange it on Tuesday afternoon, but the did not have the correct motor in stock, and told me that the motors were the same.  Since I had my old motor, I showed them the difference.  They had one for me at 8:00am Wednesday morning……… so we left Reb Bay a little late so I could pick the motor up.

A problem with driving you home down the road is that there will always be something failing or breaking on it from the vibrations and bumps!  If you don’t stay up with repairs, before long, you will not enjoy the travel with so many things not functioning!!

One of the good things about traveling by RV is the ability to flex your schedule and stop and visit attractions that you did not expect or plan on.  That happened to us on the route from Red Bay, AL and Chattanooga, TN.  Driving through Huntsville, AL, we saw the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.    We discussed it, and decided to visit the center, and be late to our campground in Chattanooga, so we pulled into the parking lot!!   We had fun, but I thought the admission was too high!!


Here are some highlight photos………IMG_6285IMG_6290IMG_6292

There was a display where the figure on the screen mimicked your moves, so Aubrey and Grammie gave it a try….….


At a gravity display, all gave it a try……..



A centrifugal force demonstration……


A land rover simulation………….


Landing an aircraft simulator----- we all crash-landed……


All the Grandkids suited up:


Rachel with the giggles………….


Posing in a weightless simulator…..


Out in the yard with the Shuttle and lots of rockets…


There was a simulator that took people through a quick 100 foot fall…….. it was intended for space flight training.  Aubrey was the only one brave enough to ride it, and took a victory pose in the third photo………


Matthew found a helicopter……….


From here, we headed to our Chattanooga campground and got ready to visit attractions.

More later……

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