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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Grandkid’s Summer 2013 Vacation #2–Update #9

We left the Bus at about 9:30AM, picked up Rachel, and arrived at the park at about 10:15AM.  With our season passes, we walked past people standing in line to buy tickets, and got set up fairly quick and easily.

We let Matthew and Aubrey have the run of the park to ride what they wanted and as many times as they wanted.  Patsy and I headed to the small kids wading pool, and soon to the wave pool.  We stayed until about 1:30PM and when the lines began to get long and the temperatures got warm, we chose to leave and return to the Bus for lunch and some rest…….. especially, a nap for Rachel.

After napping and lunches, we returned to the water park at about 4:30PM and stayed until closing at 8:00PM.

Here are some wading pool pictures, mostly of Rachel…..


All three of the kids were in the wading pool for a short while, so I got another shot at a “Grammie” photo……


While at the wave pool, I took a picture with the three of them……


And we finished the day back at the wading pool making the water fountains squirt high into the air…..


Because Deanne was a little sick (thinks it was bad shrimp po-boy at the Discovery Museum, Rachel had a chance to sleepover in the Bus with Matthew and Aubrey!!  They had a lot of fun!  Here are a couple of pictures…….


After we got up and going on Sunday morning, we unhooked the Bus, and drove the Bus to a Wal-Mart near Deanne’s house, and parked it for a couple of hours while we went to deliver Rachel home, and to have a good bye lunch with Deanne.  In spite of Grammie’s objections, I let Rachel ride up front with Matthew……. buckled-in of course!!


Rachel really enjoyed riding in the ‘front’ seat!!  Mike was at the new house working, and we wanted to get on the road, so we left about 2:00PM, and began the 560 mile trek back to Victoria!

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