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Friday, July 26, 2013

Grandkid’s Summer 2013 Vacation #2–Update #7

We left the Crater of Diamonds State Park at about 10:30AM on Thursday morning, and drove back to the North Little Rock Riverside RV Park.  We did stop at Benton, AR to top of the fuel tank with the ‘cheaper’ diesel for the trip back home starting Sunday afternoon.

We got back to Little Rock at about 1:00PM, and got the Bus set up in the park, ate lunch and rested a while, then at about 3:00PM, we headed back to the Wild River Country Water Park with our season passes.  The kids have their favorite rides, but like them all!!   It is a well laid-out park, and it is kept up.  We all like it.  One of their favorite rides is the “Vertigo”, which is a long tube ride that dumps you into a centrifuge type vessel and then drops you into 7’ of water.  Here is a picture:


They also enjoyed the faster (red, blue and green) water slides…… including one called the “Cyclone” which they road many times:


Here’s Aubrey exiting the ‘cyclone’:


We al[ liked the Wave Pool.  Here are a couple of pictures:


When we arrived, the park was pretty full with about 8 school buses in the parking lot.  At about 5:00PM the buses started to load up and other people began to leave, and the lines almost disappeared for the rides.  We closed the park down at 8:00PM with the kids pretty wore out due to all the fun and climbing they did.  They really got to ride on a lot of slides.

We stopped by KFC on the way back to the Bus and picked up a bucket of chicken tenders, potato wedges and Cole slaw!  While we were sitting at the KFC, Matthew asked me, ‘When’s the next trip???”.  They are having a good time!

It was another good day.

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