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Friday, July 19, 2013

Grandkid’s Summer 2013 Vacation #2–Update #2

We left Atlanta State Park just before 9:00AM on Friday morning and arrived at North Little Rock Riverside RV Park at noon. 

After getting the Bus parked and hooked up, we headed to Deanne’s house to see Rachel.  Here are some up to date pictures of grandchild #3……..


After visiting with Aubrey and Matthew for a couple of hours, Rachel fell asleep, and we left to go to the Wild River Water Park, where the kid’s had season passes, and Patsy and I got in for free since we were over 60!!!

It is a really nice water park with a lot of attractions.   We got there at about 4:30PM, got our credentials (we had purchased the tickets on-line), and entered the park.  The kid’s rode several slides and hit the wave pool, before a thunder storm with lightening covered the area, and the park was shutdown for a while.  We left to get something to eat, and returned about an hour later and the park had re-opened!!

Here are some pictures of the kid’s having fun:

Three of the slides………….


The kid’s riding one of the slides………..


Aubrey and Matthew were plenty tired when we got back to the Bus tonight and are fast asleep as I type this blog.

Tomorrow, we will return to the water park, but this time, Rachel will be with her.  Deanne bought her a flotation device today.  We will all be at the water park, while Deanne and Mike will be working on finishing up some detail work on their new house!!


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