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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Grandkid’s Summer 2013 Vacation #2–Update #8

Friday was a rainy day in Little Rock, so Patsy and Deanne decided to take the kids to the Arkansas Museum of Discovery in downtown Little Rock.  I stayed home, but the kids said that they had a good time.  Patsy took some pictures to prove it, and here they are………..


I think in the third picture, Aubrey was comparing her bed in the Bus to something that could be worse!!!

DSC00164 (2)

Rachel was really having fun!!!

DSC00178 - CopyDSC00180 - CopyDSC00184 - CopyDSC00189DSC00193IMG_1049

Later in the day, it was lunch time and they had it at the Museum.  Rachel gave Deanne the hint by feeding a cow!!!


The kids coloring while waiting on their food………


In the afternoon, we kept Rachel at the Bus with Matthew and Aubrey while Deanne met Mike at the new house, and they did some concrete staining work.  At about 6:00PM, the clouds cleared, and we headed back to the water park for a couple of hours.

Before we left, I took the opportunity to capture some “Grammie” photos of our three grandkids.  For once, there were so many good ones that I could not narrow it down to one, so here are four of them………


More tomorrow…………..

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