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Sunday, October 24, 2010

We’re at Red Bay!!

When we finally stopped on Friday night, we still had 300 miles to get to Red Bay.  I woke up early, for me, at 7:00am, and got on the road.  Patsy slept another hour, and then joined me up front!

We arrived at Red Bay at around 12:30pm, and the campground was already full, but we did get into one of the Electric & Water sites on the end of the Service Center.  We were the third coach parked there, and by the end of the day, all of these overflow sites were filled up.  By Sunday night, another 20 rigs were parked on the west side (apparently the new ‘runway’) of the Service Center without hookups of any kind.  Nobody left the campground today!!   We are glad we got here on Saturday.

Here is our “campsite”:

Red Bay 001

Red Bay 002

As soon as we checked in, we went directly to the coach washing area, and dumped the tanks and gave the Bus a much needed bath.  After we got parked and set up, we went driving around town.  I had read about a new ‘self service’ campground near the Service Center, but was not sure where it was or what it looked like.   For other Tiffin readers, here it is….

Red Bay 004 Red Bay 005

Red Bay 003

It only has 5 or 6 spaces, and it is located about half way to Gills Restaurant on the road in front of the Service Center.  It is well kept, and looks like a nice place.

On Sunday, we cleaned the inside of the Bus, and then drove over to Tupelo to shop and to have lunch at Chili’s Restaurant.

Since we have a week before our appointment, we plan to go to the factory and the Belmont Paint factory to look at the new 2011 units and see what has changed.  If they are building them, I would also like to see the new Breeze motorhome.

I also plan to snoop around to see how the tank bays are being built today, and to view some of the tank bay floor replacements in the Service Center……. a repair that I am here to get!!

More later………..

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