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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TRVN Rally -- Williamsburg

We spent last week parked at the American Heritage RV Park in Williamsburg, VA while attending the SE TRVN rally.  There were about 50 Tiffin coaches in attendance, and we got to meet a lot of nice folks that operate on the TRVN forum.  Here are some sights from the RV park……

TRVN Rally - Williamsburg 001 TRVN Rally - Williamsburg 003

TRVN Rally - Williamsburg 005

TRVN Rally - Williamsburg 006

The latter rig is Marcy’s new home.   She said that she got rid of the 43 foot Bus!!

Marcy asked me to coordinate the “Mods and Maintenance” session.  Here are two pictures that Patsy took during the two-hour meeting……..

TRVN Rally - Williamsburg 010

TRVN Rally - Williamsburg 009

On the tour of coaches, I saw two items that got my attention.  Nat showed his ‘tankless’ water heater.   He claimed that it uses less propane than a conventional water heater, and that he can have almost ‘endless’ showers.  It is manufactured by “Precision Temperature

TRVN Rally - Williamsburg 012

TRVN Rally - Williamsburg 011

The second item was from a guy from Pittsburgh who uses the name “DanF” on the forum.  He used some special body shop “nuts” to secure items on his bay doors.  He gave me an internet site to purchase the nuts and the tool to insert them, but I will have to see if my buddy, Mark, already has the tool!!  These ‘nutter’ nuts work well on thin walled metal.

There were a couple of meals, and a lot of visiting.

During the off times, Patsy and I visited Yorktown and Old Jamestown.

Yorktown pictures……….

 Yorktown 001

Yorktown 004

Yorktown 005

While in Yorktown, we visited the old battlefield, and got treated to the firing of a 12 pound cannon (weight of the ball)………

Yorktown 009

Yorktown 010

Yorktown 011

Yorktown 013

Yorktown 014

The latter picture shows the three types of shot….. solid ball for destroying buildings, the hollow ball with ‘shot’ in it to inflict pain on troops and with a fuse that causes it to explode before hitting the ground while above the enemy, and the “grenade’ type shot that explodes with fragments when it hits the ground.

At Old Jamestown, we saw the statue of Pocahontas and the monument to Jamestown settlement that was erected on it’s 300th anniversary…..

Jamestown 005

Jamestown 004

We left the campground on Sunday at noon and parked on a Wal-Mart parking lot.  In the afternoon, we visited Old Williamsburg, and went back again on Monday before we left town.   More on that in the next post.

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