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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Old Williamsburg, VA

We left the campground on Sunday and moved the Bus to the local Wal-Mart parking lot. 

Old Williamsburg 001

We then toured Old Williamsburg on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.  We walked and took a lot of pictures.  I will try to organize them in the following posting. 

While walking around some of the stores, I asked the saleslady about a business in disrepair called “Williamsburg Pottery”.  It appeared to have been a very large business at one time…… consuming hundreds of acres of land.  It had been reduced to a ‘bargain bazaar’ building and a campground.  The lady told me about a trademark pottery item called the ‘bird house’ pot.   I had not seen one, but we did in Old Williamsburg.   It was on display in a gardening area, and we saw one demonstrated in a shop, the last picture below……

Old Williamsburg 003 Old Williamsburg 004

Old Williamsburg 005

Old Williamsburg 006

Old Williamsburg 027

For those that are curious, there is a “V” shaped cutout in the bottom of the pot, where the pot sits on a nail on the wall.

There was an old church, which is now an Episcopal church, that was existing when George Washington and his peers were there.  They were required by law to attend church, and they had signs noting pews where a lot of these historical figures had sat…… would a church lie!!!

Old Williamsburg 008

Old Williamsburg 029 Old Williamsburg 031 Old Williamsburg 032 Old Williamsburg 038

There were a lot of people in “period” costume, either working or just walking around……..

Old Williamsburg 043

Old Williamsburg 010 Old Williamsburg 019 Old Williamsburg 021

Old Williamsburg 024

Old Williamsburg 048 Old Williamsburg 015

Old Williamsburg 044

Old Williamsburg 047

Here are some general pictures of the old town……..

Old Williamsburg 035

Old Williamsburg 013

Old Williamsburg 014

Old Williamsburg 017 Old Williamsburg 026

Old Williamsburg 052 Old Williamsburg 046

After the Monday tour, which was a self-walking event, we left the area and headed north to pick up the Blue Ridge Parkway and it’s cousin, The Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.  More on that in the next posting.


Connie Esparza said...

Glad to see you both on the road again! We visited Williamsburg, Jamestown, etc a few years ago and it is awesome there. Great pics. Have a great time and stay safe.

Lambe Travels said...

I was devastated to learn that Williamsburg Pottery is no longer there. We have been there many times and camped there, too. The pictures are great.