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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bus Fixed & We’re Back on the Road

We had a good experience with Cummins Atlantic in Charlotte, NC.  I called them last Thursday morning, and they said to bring it in, but it would be about 1—3 days until they could get to it.  We drove to Charlotte, and got there about 12:30pm.  I talked to Heather, the Service Writer, and asked her to try to do better on the time to get around to us, and she said that she would do what she could.

We parked the Bus in an RV spot and got it leveled and hooked up to 50AMP power, and then drove out to see the city.  We stopped at a VF Outlet store, and both of us found jeans that we liked.  We also stopped at a Wal-Mart to stock up on supplies, and spotted an IKEA store to visit on Friday if we were still in a holding pattern.

After eating dinner at an Outback Steak House, we returned to the Bus, and showered, watched TV and updated the blog.  I also found a new route from Charlotte, NC to Red Bay, AL, where we have a Nov 1 appointment, that included visiting Chimney Rock, NC, scenic mountain town, and Asheville, NC.  The travel entailed 450 miles of driving.  I was not expecting to get back on the road until next Tuesday morning at the best!

At 7:45am on Friday morning, a guy knocked on the door, and gave us a work bay assignment.  I hurriedly closed the slides, brought up the levelers and unhooked the power cable, and drove straight over to the bay.  When I got there, I found everybody in a morning safety meeting…….. so I had to wait about 30 minutes to talk to the Techs. 

When the Techs went to work, they retrieved a code (captured 8 times) that indicated that the problem was a dirty “crankcase breather filter”…….. a job that I had asked the Cummins South Plains shop in Houston to change back in June, but they told me it was OK!!

Regardless, they got it changed in an hour, and by 10:30am, we were on the road again.  We decided to follow the new route and planned to visit Chimney Rock and Asheville and drive the first 150 miles before we quit for the night.  

The drive to Chimney Rock was on steep and narrow roads, but very scenic.  The town itself, was a pleasant surprise. It was about 6 blocks long, and we spent about 2 1/2 hours walking it.  Here are some pictures of the main street………..

Chimney Rock, NC 005

Chimney Rock, NC 013 Chimney Rock, NC 021 Chimney Rock, NC 022 Chimney Rock, NC 023

Chimney Rock, NC 029 Chimney Rock, NC 007 Chimney Rock, NC 026

The entrance to the Chimney Rock State Park is located in the middle of town……

Chimney Rock, NC 030

 Chimney Rock, NC 014

Chimney Rock, NC 017 

Chimney Rock, NC 019

As we walked around town, we saw some signs that we liked…….. Patsy like the first one!!!

Chimney Rock, NC 011 

Chimney Rock, NC 012

Chimney Rock, NC 010

We also found some door mats that were similar to ones that Mark Didelot and I found in Quartzsite.  I guess that if we knew we would eventually meet Manuel and then join the Houston Allegro Club and meet up with Richard (Matcoman), Reg and Bob Trout, we would have bought a couple of them!!!!!!

Chimney Rock, NC 015

Chimney Rock, NC 016

As we left town, we saw a couple of “Campers” (one shirtless) on the side of the road….

Chimney Rock, NC 032A

The drive to Asheville was uneventful, and we got there about 5:00pm.  We drove downtown and found the ‘night spots’.   We walked around for about 90 minutes and then ‘hit the road’.

We shopped at one of the famous Mast General stores, and bought a few gifts for family.  Walking around the area, we saw a guy juggling six balls, but could not really catch all six in the air in the pictures……

Asheville 008 Asheville 004

Patsy also saw this live cat in a store window!!  She said it was ‘dressed up’ for Halloween….. I think the people here are just weird!

Asheville 001

We got on the road about 7:00pm, and got to a Wal-Mart on the east side of Knoxville by 9:00pm. 

A day that started and ended well!!!

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