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Friday, December 4, 2009

Matthew’s Road Trip – Day 8

  Thursday was our last day to be at Red Bay.  By Wednesday afternoon, all repairs and modifications were completed except the replacement of the second jack.  We had to be in the bay by 7:00am, and they got finished with us by 10:00am.  Matthew had seen the motorhome on the hoist earlier in the week, but this time, he got to see them put the lift jacks under the tires and slowly lift it up……

Tiffin Service Center 001

Tiffin Service Center 003

Tiffin Service Center 002

He is standing outside a welding curtain!

After we cleared the service center and paid our bill, which was $0, we went back to the campsite, and had lunch while Patsy finished the last load of clothes to be washed and dried.

As I was setting up the TV for satellite, it failed to connect, and whatever I tried, it would not hookup!!  Patsy suggested that I call Brannon at Custom RV, and he was able to work us in at 3:00pm.  I was lucky to be near Brannon’s, because our Kingdome dish had failed.  He had a used one for $200 and I had him to install it.  I don’t know where I would have gotten it installed in Victoria!!

Since we were waiting for the appointment with Brannon, Patsy decided to take Matthew to the playground at the park for one more chance to play.  He had as much fun playing in the rocks, as on the equipment.  Here are some pics…..

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 055

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 002

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 008

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 009

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 021

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 028

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 030

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 037

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 042

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 044

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 046

Last Day at Red Bay Playground 051

On the way to meet me at Brannon’s, Patsy took Matthew by the Red Bay library to take the following photos….

Red Bay Library 006

Red Bay Library 003

Red Bay Library 005

When we finished up at Brannon’s, we headed to Florence, AL where I had made an appointment earlier in the week for 7:45am on Friday with Mike Simmon’s Tire Company to get the wheel alignment on the Bus checked.  A lot of places won’t service a Motor Home chassis, but this place works on a lot of Tiffin motor homes, and has a very good reputation.

After we parked the Bus on a Wal-Mart parking lot for night, we headed to Rosie’s Cantina for dinner.  We wanted to treat Matthew to a Mexican Food restaurant that had a little atmosphere.  Here are some pictures in the restaurant…..

Rosie's Cantina 006

Rosie's Cantina 001

Rosie's Cantina 004

While we were waiting for our food, we called Matthew’s mother  Here are some pictures of what he does while talking on the phone…….

Rosie's Cantina 007

Rosie's Cantina 008

Rosie's Cantina 009

Rosie's Cantina 010

Rosie's Cantina 011

Rosie's Cantina 012

Rosie's Cantina 013

Rosie's Cantina 014

As we left the restaurant, I took some pictures for Matthew’s dad……

Rosie's Cantina 020

Rosie's Cantina 019

On Friday, we plan to head to Little Rock as soon as the Bus alignment is complete.

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