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Friday, December 11, 2009

Lone Star Allegro Club Rally - Wednsday

Although we just got home last Sunday, we decided that we wanted to go to the Lone Star Christmas rally at the KOA in Columbus, TX……. about 80 miles from our home.  The rally starts on Friday night, but we decided to come a day early

Our RV’ing friends, Mark and Sue Didelot were going to be there, and we haven’t seen them since early spring.  They went to Alaska this summer, and then they have been working in Minnesota and Kansas, and just got back to Lake Charles, LA last week.

I had told Mark that if he would agree to do the grilling, I would bring some HEB fajitas.  We weren’t the only ones to show up early.  When we got here, the Lambe’s, Verderber’s, Bob Trout, and the Shonk’s were already set up.  Since we had a lot of fajita meat (Patsy bought both chicken and beef), we invited all to eat.   They, in turn, brought appetizers, dessert, and other food, and we had a good feast.  Here are some pictures, starting with Mark cooking…..

Lone Star Allegro-Dec '09 002

Lone Star Allegro-Dec '09 001

Patsy, VI and Betty visiting while Sue heads back to the food table…….

Lone Star Allegro-Dec '09 003

Janet getting more food for George (and there’s Sue at the table loading up again!!):

Lone Star Allegro-Dec '09 004

And then there is LJ bragging to Ray about how much he likes Tiffin and his Zephyr…….. especially after Red Bay repaired it!!….

Lone Star Allegro-Dec '09 005

Here’s George and Janet enjoying the food….. well, I think Janet is enjoying it!!

Lone Star Allegro-Dec '09 008

Since his wife wasn’t here, Bob made many trips back to the food table…….

Lone Star Allegro-Dec '09 009

Bob really hit the dessert……. Mark tried to warn him about eating so much pie, but he just said LeAnn wasn’t there and what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him!!!  Well, Bob, good luck on that one!!

Lone Star Allegro-Dec '09 017

After dinner, there was a lot of visiting.  LJ is still spreading the good word about how much he loves the Tiffin folks and his repaired Zephyr!!

Lone Star Allegro-Dec '09 015

Somehow, Ray doesn’t look like he is convinced!  That’s Ok, LJ, there are still three days left to get him convinced.


Connie said...

Looks like you all had a good start! Sure missed being there.

Connie Esparza said...

I've waited and waited to see pictures of the rest of the rally gathering, but I guess you just won't post more! Happy New Year!