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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Matthew’s Road Trip – Day 10

We had planned to sleep until about 9:00am on Saturday morning, but it wasn’t to be with Matthew.  Even though he was up until 10:00pm on Friday night, he was still up by 7:00am!

We got up and put cartoons on the TV for him and tried to go back to sleep, but it did not happen.

We called Deanne, and she and Mike came out about 10:00am.  They took Matthew to the local Home Depot store for a kid’s workshop.  Matthew, with some help from Uncle Mike made a small wagon.  He was also given a work apron, recognition pin and a certificate.  Here are some pics…….Wagon at Home Depot 009

Wagon at Home Depot 001

Wagon at Home Depot 003

Wagon at Home Depot 006

Wagon at Home Depot 008

Patsy and I met them at The Purple Cow, a Dairy Queen type place, in West Little Rock for lunch.  While we waited on our burgers, Matthew did some coloring::

Lunch at Purple Cow 002

Lunch at Purple Cow 001

Matthew went home with Deanne and Mike to paint his wagon, while Patsy and I went to do some shopping.  We then went and picked him up, and drove back to the campground just before sunset so that Matthew could get in some playground time:

Playground at Maumelle 007

Playground at Maumelle 001

Playground at Maumelle 002

Playground at Maumelle 003

Playground at Maumelle 009

Playground at Maumelle 011

Playground at Maumelle 018

Playground at Maumelle 017

Later in the evening, we drove around Little Rock to see some of the Christmas lighting.  Part of it was a drive-through park in North Little Rock.  Here are some of the pictures that Mike captured……

Lighted Christmas Drive 062

Lighted Christmas Drive 019

Lighted Christmas Drive 020

Lighted Christmas Drive 040

Lighted Christmas Drive 048

Tomorrow, we head back to Victoria.  I think Matthew is starting to miss his sister, and his Mom & Dad.  I think they will also be glad to see him!!

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Connie said...

Looks like Matthew had a great trip. Nice pictures!