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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Matthew’s Road Trip – Day 7

Wednesday was a slow day.  We went back into the bay for cleanup of the roof job, and then found out that our base plate was not here, so we went back out to the campsite.  We were able to get the Bus picked up and Patsy washed some clothes to get us ready to move out of here on Thursday afternoon…. hopefully!

Duane stayed until noon, and then got on the road toward home.  He has to be back in Council Bluffs, IA on Friday for a board meeting.  Before he left, he got to see his motorhome progress to where it had all of the walls and roof on it, and most of the inside built.  What’s left is cabinet doors, outside bay doors, and detail work.

Again, I took some photos for Matthew’s mom.  Here he is eating dinner…..

Eatin & Phone Talkin 005

Eatin & Phone Talkin 001

Eatin & Phone Talkin 002

Eatin & Phone Talkin 003

Eatin & Phone Talkin 004

Shortly after we ate, Matthew’s mom called, and while talking, he walked all over the Bus………….

Eatin & Phone Talkin 010

Eatin & Phone Talkin 006

Eatin & Phone Talkin 007

Eatin & Phone Talkin 008

Eatin & Phone Talkin 009

Later this morning, we are going to drive over to Tupelo, MS.   They are now working on the last item on our list.

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