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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Visit to Wisconsin Dells, WI

A part of the overall plan for this trip was to travel from Elkhart, IN to Wisconsin Dells, WI to meet up with other RV members of our Bluebonnet Allegro Club before traveling to the FMCA Convention in Madison, WI.

As it turned out, we all ended up in two different RV Parks in Wisconsin Dells.  The Jennings and us had reservations at Sherwood Forest RV Park where the Juneau’s were camped. 

We left Michigan early on Saturday morning for the drive through Chicago, IL, and we weren’t sure how crowded it would be.  For a very busy city, it really was not a lot of heavy traffic on the freeways on Saturday morning.

Here are some pictures driving through the city, with some pictures of the Jennings coach in front of us……..


As shown above, the commuter trains and stations are located between the lanes on the interstate highways.  It seemed like we were in Chicago for a long time……… just to pass through it.

Our reservations were for Sunday, so we parked on the local Wal-Mart parking lot on Saturday night, and moved to the campground on Sunday morning.  We did drive through the park on Saturday afternoon to scope out our sites and to plan our way to them, since the park is an older one with smaller sites and even smaller roads. 

On Sunday, before moving the RV’s to the campground, we took an early morning ride on a boat to view the Dells area along the river.  Here are some a lot of pictures (it was too hard to choose). Enlarge whatever you want to see.……

Chip and Diane chose seats at the back of the boat:


….. while Patsy and I picked seats upstairs:


We made two stops to get off the boat and walk around…….


In the photo below, you will see a guy on the top of the right-hand stool preparing to jump to the one on the left!  I did not catch him in the air.



At least, we know know what “The Dells” are all about!!  Other than the river and eroded rock formations, the rest of the Wisconsin Dells was a bit disappointing.  Mostly tourist shops……. much like a Branson without any shows!!

Somehow, we got away without taking any pictures at the campground.  We did, however, wash both the Bus and the car there on Monday, as did Chip Jennings.  We both left out on Tuesday morning, and headed for the Aliant Energy Center and the FMCA convention in Madison.  Again, we followed each other…….. right into the convention RV parking area.

More later.

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