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Monday, August 10, 2015

A Quick Little Rock Visit with Rachel!

As stated previously, we got to the North Little Rock RV Park at about noon on Tuesday, and picked up Rachel that afternoon from day from daycare.  Her mother met us there, and had clothes and a car seat to swap to our CRV.  One the way back to the Bus, we stopped at a local Kroger to buy essentials, ice cream, milk and she also wanted some oranges.

After dinner, we got into the ice cream with chocolate syrup on it.  She really liked it and licked the bowl clean….. and had some laughs while doing it…..


Later, she played with toys in the Bus and watched a video.  She made a pallet on the floor to watch the movie….


On Wednesday, we went by our daughter’s house to see Rachel’s school uniform.  She will start school in about 2 weeks.  She liked dressing up and enjoyed modeling…..


Since we had planned to leave Wednesday afternoon, we took Rachel and her mom out for lunch at Rachel’s favorite restaurant…. The Purple Cow, where they have purple ice cream…..



Grammie and Rachel got in a little ‘hugging time” since were would be leaving her and mom, Deanne, and heading back to the Bus for the trip back to Victoria.

We made it to Jacksonville, TX by Wednesday night, and completed our 5-week trip by arriving in Victoria at about 2:00PM Thursday.

Until our next trip…….. that’s it!!