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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Wood’s Mini Rally

Some RV’ing friends, Ron and Kathy Woods, invited us and another couple, Tommie and Ann Stuart, to spend a long weekend at their beach home on Crystal Beach, TX.   We drove (our car) to Crystal Beach on Thursday morning, arriving about an hour before the Stuarts.

For me, a day at the beach each summer is about my limit!  It is hot and sandy, and you get all sticky!  However, I never did it via a ‘beach house’!!  It made a lot of difference for us.

We did not take a picture of the outside of the house, so I stole one from Google Maps………

Woods House

and here are some pictures from the balcony on the second floor in the back …….


In one of the pictures, you can see Ron being the porter and carrying bags up the stairs for Tommie and Ann, and in the last picture, you can see Tommie carrying his “portable Bar” up the stairs!   Next is a better picture of his portable Bar…


On the first floor, The Wood’s have a nice place to BBQ and party…..


Here is a picture of mine and Patsy’s “suite”………


We spent Friday on the beach on the beach.  We set up the Wood’s portable awning on the beach along with chairs.  We enjoyed the water and played games.


On Saturday, we piled into Ron’s car and drove into Galveston for touring and eating.  We ate at Willie “G”’s Seafood and Steakhouse and it was an excellent meal.  Here are two of our meals…….



After lunch, we walked through a few shops, and in one of them, I found a couple of T-shirts that I liked…….. and they fit my personality!


Eventually, we then headed to a souvenir place where we found some nice chairs to rest.


Sunday, we rested and played some more games…… Washer Toss and Farkle.  The ladies won one round of Washer Toss and a single game of Farkle, but the men won all the rest of the games and ended up being the big winners for the weekend.

Of course, we were all winners with the great fun and food that we had all weekend.  Kathy prepared a lot of very good food, which included all the boiled shrimp with Ron’s special sauce that we could eat during three of the meals!!! 

It was a great weekend.  Thanks Ron and Kathy!

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