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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Little Rock Arkansas Road Trip with Grandkids

We left home on Wednesday and headed toward Little Rock with our Texas Grandkids, Matthew and Aubrey, aged 10 & 9 to see our 4 year old granddaughter, Rachel, in Little Rock.  This was the maiden voyage for our new YETI drink mugs, which were gifts from our Son and DIL, for Mothers and Fathers day!


Aubrey likes to be the navigator, but I made the mistake of showing where the GPS shows the speed limit and actual speed, and now it is like having another wife sitting there!!!


Of course, every trip that goes via highway 59 towards Houston requires a stop at Prasek’s for kolaches!  With Matthew along, this trip was no exception….


We took a little longer route through Lake Charles, LA to meet with Mark & Sue Didelot to pick up some items that they picked up for use in Red Bay……. some of this year’s Tiffin T shirts, and three ‘high density’ pillows from a factory in Belmont, MS.  Patsy had previously purchased one of the pillows at the Allegro Club in Red Bay, and wanted one to keep in the house.  I decided I would get a couple also!

Along the way, we had a ‘tooth falling out’ event, and the tooth fairy even found us on the road!!!


We stayed only a short while, and then headed north through Louisiana.  We overnighted at a Wal-Mart in Hope, AR with the generator running for air conditioning, and drove into Little Rock on Thursday morning.

Our purpose was to visit our youngest grandchild, and to allow the cousins to get to better know each other.   For the past three years, this has been an annual tradition.  We get season passes to a local water park, Wild River Country Water Park. Here is a collection of pictures of Rachel and others ( in the first two pictures, she is riding down the chute by herself!!…………


In the Lazy River with Aubrey and her mom….


On the Lazy River with two tubes, and with Matthew and Pappaw…..



On the River with Matthew and Aubrey and then, ready to go back to the Bus………..


We spent a lot of our time at the water park, but also visited the Clinton (ugh) Presidential Library to see a “Dinosaur” display that was on display……



The Downtown Riverside RV Park, where we normally stay is located just across the river from the library, behind the bridge.  It is a pedestrian bridge, and drops into the RV park


Here’s a picture of Aubrey and Rachel on the bridge……


The following are miscellaneous pictures of the kids having a good time, and me trying to get some good pictures for Grammie’s frames around the house and Bus!…….



One day, we had hamburgers at the Purple Cow Diner.  Afterwards, Aubrey and Rachel had ‘purple’ ice cream…… and Rachel was showing off her purple lips……….


Aubrey and Matthew brought some of their money along that they earned in the neighborhood, and were anxious to spend some before we left Little Rock.  Aubrey wanted a nice pair of sunglasses and Matthew wanted something that could get him in trouble when here got home and in the pool. I took them to a Wal-Mart, and he got a diving torpedo, and a water gun.


Patsy and I went to dinner one night with another TRVN member couple and that will be covered in the next post.

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