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Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Wrap-Up of Our Disneyworld Trip

I got a little behind in blog postings because I use Live Writer to create the post with pictures, and then upload them to the Blogger system.  Recently there were some problems between Live Writer and Blogger, but they got those solved, so we are back.

When we were setting up at the Ho Hum RV Park, our rear air conditioner did not want to work!  I got up on the roof, and was able to start it up by spinning the motor, but after a few hours, it began to whine.  I was able to call “Carpenter’s Campers in Pensacola, FL and got an appointment for the day after we were to leave the RV Park.  The lady in service told me that they would get on it as soon as we got there…… Yeah Right!!

We showed up on Tuesday at about noon, and at 1:00PM, they had a guy on the roof and taking the a/c cover off.  He discovered that the motor was bad, and needed to be replaced.  Unfortunately, they did not have one in stock, but could overnight one in for Wednesday.  I approved that, and they set us up with a spot with Electric and water for the night.


We settled in and then went to a local Cracker Barrel restaurant for a late lunch.


On the way back, I took a picture of the dealership. It is on a busy corner, and somewhat hidden, but here it is……….


As expected, the motor showed up at 11:00am on Wednesday, and we were on our way at 3:00PM.  It’s my experience in the RV travel world that you seldom get into an RV service very fast, and it is seldom a good experience.  This was a real exception to my experiences.

We drove until late on Wednesday night, and arrived at the Colorado Landing RV Park in La Grange, TX on Thursday morning.  We spent Memorial Day weekend at La Grange attending the Lone Star Allegro Chapter rally…… a Tiffin RV club that we are members.

It was a good rally, and a nice ending to another RV trip.  However, we got busy, and did not take any pictures.

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