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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Travel To Arkansas – Post #5: Final

Today was Saturday, our last day in Rogers, AR, as we will meet Rachel’s parents at a Wal-Mart near here on Sunday at about noon, when their conference ends, and return Rachel back to them.  Both Rachel and her grandparents have had a great time.

We started the morning at a local Wal-Mart to pick up some photographs that I had submitted on-line last night.  While there, Rachel ended up getting a Christmas outfit!!!

After that, we went back to Wal-Mart's Crystal Bridges museum, and took Rachel to the children’s activity center.  She was a little overwhelmed by all of the activities, but she fought through it!!  It is best summed up in a bunch of pictures!!!!


And too soon for Rachel, the fun was over, but it wasn’t too soon for Grammie and Poppaw!!!



From there, we went to the hotel to visit with Mom and Dad during their noon break.  Rachel and her Mom got into the pool, but I only have one picture, because Patsy took mostly videos!!

Patiently waiting for Mom with the pool room key…….


And being wild in the water…………….


From the pool, we made a stop at a playground on the way back to the Bus…….


Rachel had a shower after swimming, and she said that she had to have clean clothes.  I think that she knew that the only clean clothes that we brought with us was the Christmas shirt that we had just bought for her this morning……. so that was the one she wore!!  You can view it in the picture below (red with green Christmas tree)…..



She will sleep one more night in the Bus, and then in the morning, we will pack up, meet her parents, and then Patsy and I will make the 360 mile trip from Rogers AR to the Cummins Shop in Houston, TX.  We committed to be there at 8:00am for an appointment, and Patsy has to be in Victoria at the hospital for her Pre Opt appointment at 3:00pm.

I hope this “plan” comes together, so I can like it!!!!!!

Wish us luck!!

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