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Friday, October 24, 2014

Travel To Arkansas – Post #2

Once we got set up our RV park, The Creeks RV Park, in Springdale, AR, just a short drive from Rogers, we took off to explore the country side.

We took several mountainous roads like the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop, the Pig Trail, the northern part of scenic Hwy 7, and the Mount Magazine Route.  These routes are also popular motorcycle routes because they are hilly and curvy, as well as not that busy with traffic.  I can tell you that they are just about as much fun to drive in a car too!!!

On the last route, we also spent some time in the Mt. Magazine State Park.  Here are some pictures from the state park…..


Here are a group of scenic shots from our drives over three days…….

IMG_0065IMG_0001 (2)IMG_0009IMG_0013IMG_0015IMG_0036IMG_0037IMG_0055IMG_0066IMG_0079IMG_0081IMG_0083IMG_0084IMG_0085IMG_0086IMG_0087IMG_0088IMG_0091IMG_0089

About half way through our touring, we noticed that a lot of abandoned buildings existed that were covered with vines, weeds, and even trees.  So, we began to photograph them……….


The next post will cover our visit to Bentonville, AR, which might as well be called “Walmartville”!!  I will explain that in the post!

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