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Friday, October 24, 2014

Travel To Arkansas – Post #4

The following are some photographs of The Creeks RV Resort, where we are parked for our stay in Rogers, AR.

Our site:  (Black front just behind the white pickup on the right)

IMG_0006 (2)IMG_0126IMG_0129

The view out our front window:



The view from the other end of the park:


The entrance sign and the office:

IMG_0004 (2)IMG_0005 (2)

Our granddaughter, Rachel, arrived with her parents about 1:00PM today,  The parents headed off to their conference, and we took Rachel to a Farmland Adventures Corn Maze, Etc., place.  It had a lot to offer, and Rachel had a great time.  We got there a little before 2:00PM, and at 5:00PM, she still did not want to leave.  However, her grandparents had had enough, and we were worn out!!!

The place was not that busy, and all the local school field trips, which showed up on Busses had just left when we got there.  There was hardly any line anywhere.

Here are some pictures…….. and since it’s Rachel, there are more than necessary!!!!.


A very good day on the farm, and new

pajamas for the first night on the Bus bed!!

IMG_0001 (2)

Tomorrow, Saturday, will be another full day!!  Check back!

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