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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Texas Bluebonnet Allegro Club Rally–Sept ‘14

One of the local Tiffin Allegro clubs that we  maintain membership had a rally at the Canyon Trails RV Park in San Marcos, TX on 03—07Sept2014.  We arrived on Wednesday and until Sunday. 

This turned into a weekend rally of working on rigs.  A Zephyr (Tiffin’s Cadillac of their rigs) showed up and the slides would not come out.  We spend several hours on it, and finally switched the 12volt “coach” switch off and then on.  That could not have been the root problem, but I figure it was enough of a voltage ‘hit’ that it made a weak relay engage!  Anyway, problem solved!!

Next, we had a coach that the door awning refused to come in!!  This couple was going to leave this rally and go on a multiple week trip to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival in New Mexico.  We checked and verified that the power was getting up to the awning motor, so we decided the motor was bad.  The owner decided he was not going to abandon his trip plans, so a group decided to take the awning off the coach……. not as easy as we thought.  We could not get it loose enough to slide off, so we dismantled it.  Here are some folks working on it.


…………. and of course, we had the required Spectator/Supervisor!!


On Saturday, most of the group drove to Wimberley, TX to visit the local Craft/Flea market that occurs once a month.  I saw some interesting signs to photograph….


I like the bottom one (brown) in the center picture.  I seem to know a lot of RV’ing ladies like that………. poor men!!

Back at the rally, the hosts for this weekend really out did themselves in planning and delivering the meals.  All were very good, and the hosts worked hard to put them together.  Our major meal was a BBQ with a western theme.

Here are people visiting before the meal…..


Here are a couple of pictures of our illustrious hosts……..


A picture of all four(4) of the hosts (plus the two guys on the left who wanted to be first in line!!!)……


And then, we ate……….


One big treat of the weekend, at least for me, was two nights of playing poker………However, since I was busy playing, I don’t have any pictures!!

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