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Friday, September 26, 2014

Lone Star Allegro Rally -- Day One

lWhen we arrived at the A+ RV Park, the Helstrom’s were already here, but before we saw them we headed out on a planned scenic byway trip, the Creole Nature Trail, which began in Sulphur.

We left the campground about 11:00AM, and got back about 4:30PM. The trip was about 150miles.  It was a pleasant drive through the coastal area of Louisiana.  We saw a lot of swamps, empty foundations from past storm damage, and newer homes and mobile homes built up on piers or high mounds of earth!!  We also enjoyed a great fish sandwich and a shrimp salad at a small grill along the way in Cameron, LA.


The road that we traveled had an engineered ditch following it on the west side.  It was clear that the swamp was dredged to make the roadbed, and resulted in the ditch!


Early on the trip, we crossed the Intracoastal waterway over a tall bridge, and there was an RV park just to the side of it.


Growing up in South Texas, I had always ‘thought’ that I knew something about the Intracoastal Waterway, locally called the Intracoastal canal, and thought it was a coastal Texas thing.   As I grew up and started traveling around the USA, I noticed a lot of crossings of an Intracoastal waterway when we were on the east coast…… so I figured, well, they got one too!

When I had my last job with ALCOA, and was more involved with shipping ore by barge and ship, I finally get a lesson in the Intracoastal Waterway.  I thought it was interesting, so here is a reference for others.

Along the way, we stopped at a Wetlands Walkway, and did a little walking and spotted a couple of local birds…


We arrived at the gulf coast area and drove around it for a little while.  It is a fairly isolated area, with quiet beaches and colorful beach houses…..


One of the signs in the middle picture states to stay out of the water due to bacteria………… so Patsy was not interested in walking on the beach or collecting any of the nice shells in the bottom picture!!  She did find some of the trees interesting……… a ‘flip-flop’ tree at someone’s beach house, and some dead trees that had been shaped by the constant gulf breeze……..


We did get a free ferry ride at one point on the way to Cameron, LA. 


On the way back to Lake Charles and Sulphur, we crossed the Intracoastal Waterway again.  Here is a picture of the bridge and some shots of the canal below it……


Back at the campground, I took a few photos.  It is a very nice park, with nice landscaping and great amenities.  I will put pictures in the next post.

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