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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lone Star Allegro Rally -- Day Three (Last Day)

On Saturday, we got up early (7:30am) and drove to downtown Lake Charles to visit the local Charleston Farmer’s Market.  Most of the other folks slept in, but Charlie and Jo Stanger went with us.  Patsy and I got a dozed fresh farm eggs, a veal roast, and a pint of dill pickles.


Back at the campground, I walked around and took a few more pictures.  The RV park pictures in the last post did not fully give justice to this campground.

A group BBQ/picnic area and playground…..


The second pool and social area.  This one is for families while the pool area with the hot tub shown yesterday, is for 18 years old and older.


A gazebo picnic and BBQ area on the lake…..


The lake where you can catch and keep some fish………..


I also snapped several pictures of the rally room (inside and out)…


Here’s a view of a couple of coaches with our “Lone Star Allegro” club flags in front of the coaches and a close up of the flags that we fly in front of the Bus…….


Only a couple of members outside while I was walking around.  Steve Mesz trying to buff out some tree limb scratches off his paint job…..


Patsy visiting with Leona Pleasant.  Leona was really rough on me, but she put together some really good snacks for our happy hour on Saturday. 


On Saturday night, we went out for some Cajun Cuisine at the local LeBlue’ Landing Restaurant.  Here are some group pictures……..


Some individual ‘stars’, Richard and Nancy (and it looks like Nancy was judging me!!)


……. and Terry and Susan.  Susan started celebrating this rally the day that they left home, and wasn’t planning to sober up until next Wednesday!!!


Terry did do one good thing.  He got up early enough (or never went to bed) on Sunday morning to get the following “sunrise picture”…….

Sunrise by Toye

I knew the sun came up every day at some time in the morning, but it is always up when I wake up!!  Thanks, Terry.

Patsy and I closed up the Bus and headed toward New Orleans about 10:30am.   I will cover that trip in the next post!

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