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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tiffin at Red Bay…….. First 4 Days!!

We left the Wal-Mart at Fulton, MS early Saturday morning and arrived at the Red Bay Service Center campground at about 9:30AM.   We got the last full hookup site that was available at the time.  Here is a view of our site…………


On Sunday, we went out for a drive around town.  Across the street from the campground we found an old Tiffin Tag Axle motorhome…..


The town of Red Bay was having a “Founder’s Day” event during the weekend, and along with arts & crafts booths downtown, they had a band.  There were also displays around town.  One of them had another old Tiffin coach on display on Main Street….


Here is a few of the other displays around town…..


On Monday, the RV businesses around Red Bay were open for business, so I began my ‘chores’ to take care of things.  First on the list was to pick up some ‘Alderwood’ lumber for Mark Didelot’s stained glass window installation in his Phaeton.  I had called Chris Berry, the local ‘things made of wood’ guy, and he said he had some alderwood.  However, he did not make it to our specifications until I got there.  He had to plane the boards to 1/2” thick from the normal 5/8” thick.  He then ran it threw a drum sander to finish it…….


After leaving Chris’ place, I went by Brannon Hutcheson’s business, Custom RV, to confirm our appointment for Tuesday morning, and to check out our new mattress that was stored there by the seller.  The looked good, and after sleeping on couches for a week, Patsy and I were ready to get our bed back.  My third stop was at the Tiffin Offices to find out about a Spartan Chassis recall on our Bus, where they had to cut a brace off.  I wanted to make sure that Tiffin agreed to the modification.  It turned out that they preferred to weld it back, so that is on our list.

While I was in the Service Center office, I saw Jerry Williamson, the Tiffin National Sales Manager that I had dealt with during our purchase,  He was showing some Chinese men around the service center.  I overheard him tell some of the service center employees that these guys were here to check out the service center because they were with a company that is going to start selling Tiffin’s Breeze motorhomes in China!

I spent the rest of Monday shopping for parts at the local camp store, not only for me, but for three other motorhome owners

Since we had arrived on Saturday, we had been trying to meet up with a couple from Fort Worth, TX, but every time that we went by their motorhome, they were gone.  They came by our Bus on Monday afternoon and we got to visit.  They are Mike and Sandie Mills, and I got to know them through their Blog, Phannie and Mae.  Patsy took their picture before they left…..


On Tuesday, Patsy and I were up early to drive to Custom RV for a 7:00AM appointment to get some repairs done.  We had Brannon replace our entry door lock, adjust the locking mechanism, replace the motor to operate the driver’s side rear slide, modify our stove vent system, and to adjust our keyless entry system.  Here is a picture of the inside of the door lock and a picture of Brannon replacing the slide motor……..


The best thing that happened today was that we picked up our mattress!!  Here is our bed now looks like……….


The new mattress is a little thicker than the original and really comfortable…… especially after sleeping on our two couches for a week!!

Today, some friends from the Texas Bluebonnet Allegro Club, Hank and Shirleen Smith arrived in Red Bay.  We will spend the rest of the week waiting to get into a service bay for our last two repairs, and hanging around town with the Smith’s and some other friends here.  We hope to leave for Pine Mountain, GA on Thursday or Friday for the TRVN Fall Rally.



Anonymous said...

Luckily you were a highlight on the main foxfire screen and we enjoyed it! Tim and Sheila Fetter

Richard and Patsy King said...

I am lost as to what you are talking about!!?


Mike Mills said...

Thanks for the shout out in your post! Love the new bed; looks inviting. Safe trip to Georgia!