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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Outa’ Red Bay……….. On to Georgia Rally!!

We got to Red Bay last Saturday morning, and left this past Friday morning.  We drove to Roanoke, AL, passing through Birmingham along the way, and spend the night at a Wal-Mart in Roanoke. 

We had stopped at the Wal-Mart because our tire pressure monitor was beeping, and telling me that I had a low tire on the rear driver’s side of the car that we were towing.  We did some shopping while waiting on the repair (they found a screw, probably from the Red Bay Service center), and by the time they got the flat fixed, it was late, so we just parked overnight. 

While at Red Bay, we got all of our items taken care of…….

1.  Roof and  DS slide floor inspected and found OK

2.  Went to the factory, and had them recoat the rear PS wheel well where a blow out wore off the undercoat

3.  Had a brace re-welded where Cummins removed it from a Spartan Steering Gear bracket that was replaced due to a recall.  Here are some pictures of the Bus on the rack, and the brace being welded……..


4.  Had Brannon at Custom RV replace the entry door lock and handle, adjust the keyless entry system, fixed the stove vent cover and replace the motor on the bedroom slide

5.  Had Trevor Nichols sew up and fix a screen for covering the screen door to block the sunlight…… See below!!

6.  Purchased RV parts at the store for myself and about 7 other people

On the screen for the screen door, we met a couple that went ‘dumpster diving’ and found an old MCD sun block screen and sewed it up to be able to snap it to the screen door for shade inside the motorhome.  They travel with a sewing machine, so they were able to sew it themselves.  Here is a picture of their screen………


Snaps on the top, and the original old MCE ‘pull rod’ on the bottom.  She took some of the old screen and sewed a stiffener on the side edges.  We had Trevor to sew ours, and he put a ‘binding’ on the edge and used black snaps.


The nice things are that it was ‘almost’ free, and it matches the other screens on the windows!!

While we were in Red Bay, the town had a traveling Smithsonian exhibit on display.  The theme was “How we worked”!  I stayed with the Bus, and Patsy visited the exhibit.  Here are some pictures that she took…….


There were also some quilts on display………..




We arrived at the TRVN rally campground, Pine Mountain RV Resort, at 2:00PM today, and got set up on our site. 

More on the rally later………..

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