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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall 2013 Road Trip–AR, GA, PA, OH & MO

It’s been a while since we hit the road for more than a couple of weeks, so, when we signed up for a Tiffin RV Owner’s Network (TRVN) rally at the resort at Pine Mountain, Georgia, I suggested to Patsy that we make a real road trip out of it. 

We decided that on the way, we would travel through Little Rock to visit our third grandchild……… Rachel, and her parents, our daughter and son-in-law. 

Then, on the way from Little Rock to Pine Mountain, we decided that we would stop for a few days at Red Bay, AL…….. at the Tiffin factory where the Bus was built!  We need to have a couple of things checked out by the factory personnel, and we want a local RV shop replace our cracked entry door handle and adjust the locking mechanism to prevent the new lock from breaking.

Another item we are dong in Red Bay is picking up a new king-size mattress for the Bus.  On the TRVN forum, a couple that had just picked up their new motorhome was at Red Bay, and did not like the fact that the mattress was two-piece….. having a crack/space in the middle.  They replaced their new mattress with a ‘Select Comfort’ air mattress, and listed their “old” mattress with 2 nights sleeping on it for sale at a good price………. so I made a deal on it.  So that we would not have to get rid of our existing mattress at Red Bay, we opted to remove it before we left on Tuesday, and we are sleeping on our two couches!!  We will arrive in Red Bay on Saturday, but we will have to wait until Monday to pick the new mattress up because we have it stored at the RV shop that is working on our door lock!

Here is a picture of our bedroom without the mattress (just the platform……..


To finish the itinerary of our trip, after Pine Mountain in Georgia for a week, we will head north to Pennsylvania to attend an FMCA motorhome rally at York, PA.  This rally just happened to fit well with our plans because we had decided that since we would be so far from home, we would make it a long trip, and had decided to visit the Amish country in Pennsylvania and Ohio. 

We will finish up the trip in Branson, MO.  Our original plans was to re-visit Rachel in Little Rock on the way back to Texas.  However, when our schedule was laid out, it turned out that Deanne and Mike were going to be in Branson for a medical seminar……… and could use help with taking care of Rachel!  Nice fit, so now we will be doing a “Rachel Trip” at Branson for a couple of days.  I have been searching the internet for ideas on what to do with a toddler in Branson!!  One thing on the list is a Duck ride……. one of those boat/truck vehicles that travels on water and land.

We arrived at Little Rock about 3:00PM today, and got to visit with Rachel and Co. for a little while at their house, and then went out to dinner together.  I got only a couple of pictures while she was watching something on Deanne’s computer.  Here they are:



Mike and Deanne plan to do some more work on their new house during the next two days while we are here, so we will have Rachel for quite a bit of time!!

More later………….

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