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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Overview of Little Rock Visit with Rachel!

After meeting Rachel and her parents at their house, and dropping off the baby rocking crib and baby high chair at her house, we picked up Rachel and headed to the Bus.  That was on Thursday night, and the last day of school before Spring Break the next week.  We planned that she would stay with us until Monday afternoon, with frequent meetings with her parents at restaurants and other places.

After converting the one couch into a Queen-size sofa bed, she fixed up her bed and wanted a picture of it.  She did a good job.


The next day, Patsy took her to a walk across the bridge from the RV Part to the Clinton Library area.  They just enjoyed the bridge and walkway.

IMG_1948 (2)IMG_1960

In the above photo, you can see the RV Park below the bridge.  In the following, you can see a closer picture of the park, with our Bus in the center of the photo mostly black, with our tow car parked in front of it..


On Saturday morning, we met her Mom at a Walmart near their house, and her Girl Scout Troop sold cookies from 10:00am to 2:30pm.  They sold a lot of cookies, including several boxes to us!!


Back at the Bus on Saturday night, we gave her a lot of trinkets that Kathy Woods and Patsy picked up at the Florida RV Show back in January.  She liked them especially the “flashing light” glasses………


On Sunday night, we met her parents at a local Cracker Barrel restaurant, and here is her and Grammie right before we headed over there.


and another setting with just Rachel………


Since Patsy and I had to leave on Tuesday morning for Red Bay, AL for an early morning appointment on Wednesday morning,  we decided to have a small “Pre-Birthday” party for her.  We went to her parent’s house and she opened the baby doll that we gave to go with the crib and high chair.  Here she is opening it before we go out to eat……..


After opening gifts, we went to a pizza/party place called “Playtime Pizza”.  The food buffet had different kinds of pizza that was very good with light and thin crispy crust, plus a large salad bar and other cooked foods.  There was also a dessert bar with ice cream cones, brownies, cobblers, etc.  It was a nice meal.  She chose to ride a race car with her Dad……… Getting ready to take off…………….


…….And coming in after the final lap.


There were also lots of games of chance………IMG_2014IMG_2017IMG_2019IMG_2022

Rachel found hers………….


We had a great time with Rachel and her parents.  As planned, we left at 9:00am on Tuesday morning, and arrived at Custom RV Inc. at 4:00pm.  With hookups at the shop, we over-nighted there for our 7:00am appointment.

More on the RV work in the next post.

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