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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Touring the Indiana Amish Area Near Elkhart

We left the Walmart in Scottsburg at about 9:00am, and headed for Howe, IN, the location of our intended Passport America campground, Grand View Bend Community Association, for the stay during the tour of the area.  This campground is a ‘'Weekend-Type” campground where a lot of folks own their lots, and it has a section for RV’s just passing through.

Our friends, Chip and Diane Jennings were already here, and saved us a place near them.  Chip had had limited success in getting his satellite to pick up the DISH signals, but did not think we would get it at one of the two sites that he saved for us.  He was correct on the first site, but on the second, my satellite locked right in, and we’ve got a good signal!

Here are some pictures of our coaches in the campground….


As can be seen in some of the pictures, there has been a lot of rain here recently, including a big shower today.  There is a nice field of corn behind us, and it is tempting to go pull some ears, but since it is available at the Farmer’s Market at 3 for a $1, we have resisted!

Today, we visited a couple of small farmer’s markets, and a flea market.  We bought a lot of fresh produce that we will be eating for the next couple of days.  Here are some pictures……. as you can see, we weren’t the only ones on the road………..


Farmer’s Market at Howe:


Farmer’s Market area in La Grange:


Chip, Diane, and Patsy can be seen in the street (L to R) above.  The Flea Market is below, and the parking attendant is taking the fee from an Amish buggy…..


An interesting two-headed horse wood carving for sale at the market.  I could not get Chip to buy it.


At one of the markets, some lady recommended that we eat lunch at the Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana.  We did, and it was good.  I must have forgot to take pictures, because I have none!!  We also walked through some of the shops at Shipshewana.

We returned to our coaches about 3:00pm to rest, and put away our purchases.  On Sunday, most of the area is closed, but we will probably take driving tour of the farms on the back roads.

More later,

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