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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Few Days in Red Bay – Home of The Bus

Our purpose for visiting Red Bay was to get the lubricant in the front wheel bearing serviced, and get Brannon at Custom RV to change out the motor in our bedroom ceiling fan……….. which failed a few days before we left on this trip!  I also wanted to line up some technicians to participate in the Texas RV Rally that we are planning in April 2016, in Canton TX.

We had an appointment at Bay Diesel at 7:00am on Monday morning, and when we got there, I discussed a ‘noise’ that I had with the Engine Brake on with Chris Morrow, the owner.  We went on a test drive, and he agreed that it was a problem, and he had never seen it before!  After a couple of hours of trouble-shooting, they determined that when Cummins re-assembled my engine last winter in Houston, TX, they assembled the air intake pipe too close to the engine fan housing, and with the Engine Brake engaged, the vibration caused the two to rub against each other. 

There was a pin hole that had just penetrated the pipe, and the location was down stream of the air filter, which was very bad.  Luckily, it had just rubbed through.  They had to remove it, and take it to be welded.

In the meantime, I got on the phone with Cummins in Houston to make sure that they understood that they were going to pay for it.  With a picture that Chris sent them, it was an easy negotiation.  While we were in the shop, I had them PM the dash air conditioning system by replacing the air dryer, and to change out the transmission fluid and filters.

On Tuesday afternoon, Brannon called and worked me in to replace the ceiling fan motor.  With that done, we were ready to leave Red Bay, and get on with our trip.  However, we decided another day to finish up some Rally planning and to visit the Tiffin Factory to see the new 2016 motorhomes.

For readers who are familiar with Red Bay, and other things Tiffin, here are some pictures that I took:

The new self-service campground coming into town by the big red church.  Looks like it will be a while!!


Trevor Nichols new shop.  The build is complete, but in three days, never saw any work going on.  A door was open once, but nothing in the bay but a boat being stored!


The McKinney self serve campground that I have read about, but did not know what it looked like.  Benny Johnston told me that it is part of the package that he and a partner are buying and he wants to spruce it up.  The small building with the red door was in the center of the row of sites, but was empty except for a box of ‘reserved’ signs.  Benny said that McKinney had planned to put a coin-operated washer and dryer in the room, as well as use it for registration.


I drove out to meet with Daniel Humphries of MS RV Solutions about participating in a “Meet the Red Bay Techs” seminar at the rally.  While there, I snapped these photos……….


Tomorrow morning, we will head out on the Natchez Trace Parkway toward Nashville, and eventually, Cave City, KY where we will check out the Mammoth Cave area.

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