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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Weekend–La Grange, Texas

We have been camping at the Colorado Landing RV Park in La Grange, TX since Thursday, and will be leaving on Monday morning.  We are   attending a rally of the Camping Friends” RV Club.  We are still not sure  where we will go, since our next rally does not start until next Wednesday near San Marcos, TX.

We spent the weekend playing cards and board games in the club house, are just sitting around in the shade like our next-door neighbors.  Here are a couple of pictures……


There was also a craft project, but since I did not participate……. no pictures!   We have had several very good and plentiful meals.  Tonight, we will go down the street to a Mexican Food restaurant for dinner.

Here are a few pictures of the campground and our group of 12 rigs……..

The Club House:


The Swimming Pool:


Our 12 Rigs from one end and then the other:


We were located in the middle of the long row…..


Although, we have stayed at this RV park many times with various groups, we had never visited Monument Hill & Kreische Brewery State Historic Site located about 5 miles away…… so we corrected that this morning! 


The park is the location of the burial site of several Texans executed by the Mexicans (cowardly bastards) after the fall of the Alamo as depicted by the following mural at the park….


Also located at the park site are the remains of the Kreische brewery and Mr. Kreische’s home.  We walked the one mile trail that allowed us to see the monument and tomb, the house and the remains of the brewery.  We were also treated to a nice view of the townsite of La Grange.

The views:


The Kreische House”":


The brewery remains along with a photo of how it looked upon discovery and a model in the museum of what it probably looked like:


More later………………

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