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Friday, July 18, 2014

Grand Kids Summer Vacation -- 2014

Shortly after we got back from taking our “Texas” grand kids to South Caroline (with their mother, so it wasn’t technically a vacation), we left last Friday for a 10-day trip to Little Rock, AR to see their cousin, Rachel.

We traveled to a campground near Longview, TX on Friday, and spent the night there. The Campground was Fernbrook RV Park, and it had a pool, but it was really too hot to get in it!!!  Here are some pictures…….


On Saturday morning, we got up and traveled the last 5 hours to our destination, Downtown Riverside RV Park, in North Little Rock, AR.  This park is our normal place to stay when visiting our Daughter and family in Little Rock.  It’s not a fancy park, but it has very good hookups, and it is well located for our needs.

We arrived at about 2:00PM, and got set up for a week-long stay at this location.  Aubrey and Matthew got their beds set up, and Aubrey was showing off where Rachel was going to sleep with her.


As previously planned, Rachel and her parents had flown out of Little Rock on Friday to visit her other Grandma in South Dakota and weren’t expected to return until Sunday at noon. 

After we got set up, we drove to the local water park, Wild River Country, and purchased our passes for the next week.  Afterwards, we did some Wal-Mart shopping and then went to the local Cracker Barrel Restaurant for supper. Matthew decided that he wanted to order off the breakfast menu, and got pancakes, eggs, and bacon. 


On Sunday, the water park did not open until 12:00Noon, and we were there when they unlocked the gates!!   We stayed and played until about 2:30PM, and then left to pick up Rachel.  We then returned to the park at 4:00PM and stayed until they closed at 7:00PM.  Rachel’s mom, Deanne, went with us this year.

We also visited the park on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  After hot days on Sunday and Monday, the weather cooled to highs in the mid 70’s on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then the rain came on Thursday and Friday, and the park closed. We did opt to delay our departure on Saturday until the afternoon, so we could do a few more hours at the park before leaving.  Here a couple of the large number of pictures that we took at the water park during the week…….


Here Rachel and her mom rode a tube down the slide – note the smile on Rachel’s face…….


During the week of our visit, Rachel was enrolled in a “Dance Camp” for 4 days.  On Thursday afternoon, there was a small ‘recital’ at the end of the camp.  They did a good job for a bunch of 3 and 4 years olds.  My expectations were very low, and I was pleasantly surprised at the way the kids danced somewhat in sync.  Here are some “Rachel Dancing” pictures……..


We were proud of her for just paying attention to the instruction, and doing all of the moves. 

With the park closed again on Friday, we opted to visit the Little Rock Zoo.  It was drizzling rain most of the visit, but we managed between the indoor and outdoor exhibits.  We did not take pictures of the animals at the zoo, but did have some fun with the kids and the ‘cutout’ frames……



On Friday night, we opted to eat at NYPD Pizza.  I took the opportunity to take some decent photographs of the grand kids, especially Rachel who I don’t get the chance with very often.  I transferred several of what I thought were the best, and asked Grammie to help me delete some.  We deleted ONE (!!!!) and here are the rest…..…..


After we ate, Rachel was given the choice of going home or spending one more night with her cousins in the Bus.  She opted for the Bus, and since we had put up the couches for travel tomorrow, the sleeping arrangements were a little different. but all were happy……


The plan is that tomorrow morning, Saturday, we will depart the campground and tow the car with the Bus over to Wild River Country and spend a couple of hours in the park before hitting the road for Texas.  It opens at 10:00am.

We shall see!!!

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