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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Trip–2014: Stone Mountain & GA Mountains

After our last post, our plans changed a little due to the freezing weather.  The other three coaches left Monday, and arrived in Sevierville, TN that night.  Since it was going to be around 22 degrees in Sevierville and the other mountain towns in our route, we decided to sit for two days in the Atlanta area.

We opted for one more night at the COE park where we were, and then drove to the other side of Atlanta on Tuesday morning and checked into the Stone Mountain Campground.  The main reason was that Stone Mountain had Full hookups, and we did not have sewer at the site at McKinney……. and it was time to wash clothes!!

We checked into Stone Mountain Campground around 11:00AM, started some wash, and took a ride around the Stone Mountain Park.  The park has a lot of attractions, but the only two that were open was the Museum and the sky ride to the top of the mountain.  It was too cold to take the sky ride, and we blew off the museum, so we just drove around and looked at the park.

The following are pictures of our camp site…….


Each site had it’s own deck and grill, but it was just too cold to use it.

While checking some of the RV forums that I monitor, I noticed that Tom and Judith Comstock, from our Texas Bluebonnet Allegro club in Texas stated that they were at Stone Mountain.  I drove around to find them, and they were three coaches down the strip from us!   In the picture below, there coach is the one with the black and burgundy colors, and there are two coaches between us.  We did run into them on the way out. 


Here are some pictures from our drive around the park starting with the mountain itself.  Note the carved Confederate soldiers in the lower pictures.  At night, in the Summer and weekends, they have a laser show…..


We drove the car through a covered bridge in the park……..


And a couple of pictures from the park…..


We left Stone Mountain on Wednesday morning and drove north about 80 miles to a campground in Cleveland, GA.  Our plan was to stay a couple of days at this campground for two days, and then take the car for a driving tour of the mountains area, and the city of Helen, GA. 

Here are pictures of Leisure Acres Campground where we are set up.


We got set up by 1:00PM, and started out on our tour of the local forests and mountains.  It was cold, and we found a lot of ice as we went up in elevation………..


As we got up in the mountains, we came upon a general store for hikers called “Mountain Crossings at Malasi-Yi.  We stopped, and it was interesting.  They had whatever you would need to hike the mountains. DSC01062 DSC01059DSC01061

They second picture shows a lot of hiking boots that apparently been replaced at the store, and the owners tied them together and through them in the tree!

We continued our drive through the mountains, enjoying the sunny weather, and after about 50 miles, we came to the town of Helen, GA.  It is a Bavarian-themed town and is geared toward tourists.  We had been here before, about 8—10 years ago, when we met with our daughter for a little vacation while she was in Medical school in Charleston, SC.  Here is an assortment of pictures…….


On Thursday, we plan to drive to another section of the mountains, and maybe on into North Carolina. 

More later………….

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Nice update. Looks like some great country.