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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Trip–2014: Red Bay to Perry FMCA Rally

We have had a busy trip since the last post.  We left Red Bay, after staying a couple of extra days to wait on a “DISH adapter” to arrive, and then we spent the weekend in the Atlanta, GA area.

As I was loading pictures from the cameras to the PC, I found a couple of more of Rachel that I wanted to post.  She and I were laying on the bed playing of computers while waiting for Grammie to complete dinner…..


Finishing up in Red Bay, we spent two extra days at the RV park while waiting on a UPS package.  After it arrived, we decided to leave on Thursday morning.  On Wednesday night, we had dinner at a new Mexican food restaurant in Belmont, MS.  We went with some Tiffin friends from the same park…….


l—r Allen Rueben, Patsy, with Joe and Jan Dabney

En-route from Red Bay to Atlanta I found some exposed brown & black rock along a new interstate that I though would be a good background to take a new picture of the Bus and toad (car).  This is our maiden voyage using our 2012 Honda CRV, which we purchased two years ago, as a towed car.  I need to update our photo on our ‘RV Business Card’  Here is the picture that I will probably use, unless I find a better background…

We arrived in the Atlanta area on Thursday night, and overnighted at a Wal-Mart, with plans to check into our campground, “Atlanta South RV Resort”, for Friday and Saturday nights prior to heading to the rally grounds at Perry, GA on Sunday morning.

On Saturday, we drove the car into Atlanta to play tourist.  We had two targets…….. The Coca Cola Building and the Atlanta Underground.  We spent some time at the Underground but it was not impressive!  Here are a couple of pictures………


On Sunday morning, we got up and drove to a middle school parking lot where the TRVN Tiffin group had agreed to meet so we could enter the fairgrounds as a group, and park together.  We have been to the Perry fairgrounds a couple of times in the past 10 years for rallies, and were well aware of how the RV parking area could get really muddy and sloppy with a significant rain.  In the past, it was always dry when we went in, and wet when we were ready to leave.  This time it was raining hard for two days when we were about to go in!!!  Here are some pictures of us lined up to turn into the fairgrounds and waiting in line……..


The following picture shows the parking (camping) area with the large green generators to provide our electricity.


Fortunately, the parking crew decided to have us park in the streets for the night, and came back and parked us in the grounds the next morning.  It was a good decision because the water did drain off, and the grounds were solid when we parked.

The FMCA rally lasted from Monday to Friday, when we all packed up and headed our separate ways.  Click on the “FMCA rally” URL to read about the rally and entertainment.  It was a really good, busy rally.  We made several purchases from the vendors, including a diagnosis software system to monitor the Bus’ engine computer and any trouble codes that get identified.

The rally also gave each attendee a specific number, and if you found a match with another attendee, you received a $5 reward plus you were eligible for a $1000 drawing on the last day. 

Patsy and I both found our matches……. or rather, they found us. There were about 5000 people in attendance, and it looked like about 200 found matches!  Here are some pictures of the people standing around waiting for the drawing, including on in an RV’s side mirror that Patsy spotted!….


In the above pictures, the man who “matched” Patsy and I with him and his wife is seen wearing sunglasses directly in front of the yellow banner.  In that same picture, you can see “Carol”, from out Texas Bluebonnet Allegro club in Texas with her head turned.  She is to the right of the man in the clear glasses.  In the second picture, she is looking toward the camera!!

The last picture was in the chrome part of a side mirror and shows the size of the crowd somewhat better!

After the rally, people headed different ways.  We traveled to a Corp of Engineers park, McKinney Campground, near Acworth, GA.  Also here were Jimmy and Robin Campbell, Richard and Linda Bretzke, and Shelly and Linda Lindsey.  On Friday and Saturday nights, Jimmy and Richard B. grilled our steaks on their grills. 

The only pictures that I managed to take were of our campsite……


As can be seen, the sites were really nice, with constructed ‘patios’ on each site, and facing the lake.

Tomorrow, Monday, we will all leave for the TRVN rally in Sevierville, TN.  Patsy and I will travel East, then North to take a winding mountain route.  The others will follow the interstates.

More later…………..

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Art and Gerri said...

Richard - Nice seeing you in Red Bay. Quite since you left. You just missed Ted and Kathy and Bill and Kathy but you will catch them at TVRN say hi to the gang. We won't be there as we have to work on Sunday. Nice photo's. Catch you when you can. Stay smiling.I know I will.