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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Weather And A Big Bend Museum

After spending almost a month in Arizona enjoying nice, warm sunny weather, we were disappointed when we checked out the weather forecast for the Big Bend area a few days before heading this way, and found expected over night temperatures in the teens.  I even purchased a space heater in Phoenix for my wet bay!!!

What surprised us after we got here was the “white stuff”……Sleet!!  It began on Wednesday morning when we were visiting Alpine, Marfa and Fort Davis, and followed us half way to Terlingua. just outside the National Park.  

It has, however, been a neat thing to see.  Here is a variety of pictures……..

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The heavy sleet covering the trees and brush made them looked like the ‘Flocked’ Christmas trees that we can buy back home!!  The sleet was happening at different elevations and different parts of the day, and sometimes, within minutes we had sunny weather!!

Also, on Wednesday, while we were in Alpine, we visited the Museum of the Big Bend on the campus of Sul Ross University in Alpine.  It was more interesting to me than museums normally are!!!!  Here are pictures of some of the displays, beginning with one dedicated to Dan Blocher or “Hoss” or the Bonanza TV show………..


We also found a couple of murals on the side of a bank in Alpine (note that Dan Blocher is in the first mural…….


Our drive through the Big Bend NP will be on the next Blog.

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