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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tucson and Super Bowl Time

We left the Cummins Rocky Mountain Service Center near Phoenix during the late morning on Thursday.  I had found another Passport America campground in Casa Grande, AZ, about 60 miles out of Phoenix and half way between Phoenix and Tucson.  We normally have very good OTA TV reception in Tucson, so that is where we planned to watch this year’s Super Bowl festivities and game!

The campground in Casa Grande was Las Colinas RV Resort.  When we arrived, we found it to be as nice as any that we had stayed at.  It is an older park, where most people either own their lots or have long term rental contracts,  The whole park was very well maintained.  The overnight RV area where we parked had a small rock ground covering, and it was raked when we arrived.  Here is a picture of the Bus on our site:


And here are some general pictures around the resort:


We spent Thursday afternoon cleaning up the Bus from the 10 days in the desert, and on Friday, we drove to the Casa Grande Ruins National Park monument.  We had been in Casa Grande, AZ a couple of times, but never visited the national park.  It was an interesting visit.  The structure shown as a symbol of the park was actually the largest building in a rectangular neighborhood about the size of a football field.

Here are some pictures:


After we got back to the Bus on Friday afternoon, we set up the for the 65 mile move on Saturday morning to our campground in Tucson, where we plan to stay until Monday morning and watch the Super Bowl on Sunday afternoon.

Our campground in Tucson is the same one that we had stayed 4 weeks earlier to watch the first weekend of the football playoffs on the way to Quartzsite.  The campground is Miracle RV Park and it is another Passport America park.  It does not have a web site, and it is another snowbird park with a lot of mobile homes, but a separate area for RV’s.  Here are some pictures of our site:


After getting set up, we made a run to a local Wal-Mart to get some fajitas for our Super Bowl meal and stock up on other necessities.  We also visited a local ‘Camping World’ store for some RV supplies.  On our way, we noticed a mountain with a large white “A” on the side of it.  When we returned to the Bus, I looked it up on the internet, and found out that it is called Sentinel Peak, and that you could drive up to it.  So……  off we went.  Here are some pictures of the peak……


And some pictures from the Peak……


The last picture shows a view of the many tents, along with several motels and halls that are set up around Tucson for the very large and popular 2014 Tucson, Gem and Mineral show that began last week.

On Monday, we will leave Tucson, and head to El Paso.  Our plan is to spend some time in Big Bend National Park on our way home. 

More later,,,,,,,,,


Steve and Karen said...

Oh sure, you stay in Casa Grande and don't even bother to say hi.

Richard and Patsy King said...

I knew you were in AZ, but not specifically where!

See you in TN

Richard and Patsy King said...

I knew you were in AZ, but not specifically where!

See you in TN