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Friday, April 1, 2011

We’re Grandparents Again!!

On March 22, I got a call in my office at work from our daughter, Deanne, that she had delivered a healthy 6lb 10oz baby girl earlier in the morning in Little Rock, Ar.  The call was even more happy because the pregnancy had been a difficult one, with her placenta having been dropped.

Yesterday, Patsy and I left Victoria with our other granddaughter, Aubrey to travel to Little Rock to meet Rachel!  Our grandson is in public school kindergarten, and he could not go with us.  This is Aubrey’s road trip since Matthew had one in December 2009.

Here is one of the early pictures of Rachael on the way home from the hospital…..


Here are some more pictures with Grammy, Poppaw, and cousin Aubrey today……

Visit to Rachel 018

Deanne's House 004

Deanne's House 006

Deanne's House 007

Deanne's House 012

Deanne's House 013

Visit to Rachel 008

On the way here, Aubrey had a lot of fun.  Here are some pictures of the ride:

Riding in Grammy’s seat…….

Aubrey's Road Trip 002

Talking to Mom while traveling…..

Aubrey's Road Trip 005

Watching videos while in Poppaw’s bed while traveling…

Aubrey's Road Trip 024

Aubrey's Road Trip 026

We also saw some Texas wildflowers while enroute………

Aubrey's Road Trip 020

Aubrey's Road Trip 011

Aubrey's Road Trip 012

Aubrey's Road Trip 016

Aubrey's Road Trip 019

I am posting this on Friday night because I have been having problems with the power supply on my PC.  Hopefully, I will be able to post again before we leave on Saturday night.  I have to get back to work. 

I have to say, it has been great being on the road in the Bus again.  I am considering being AWOL from work!!!

More later.


Connie Esparza said...

Richard and Patsy:
Your granddaughter is just beautiful. Congratulations!

And the Family grows...that is awesome.

Linda said...

Congratulations on your newest grandaughter, she is beautiful!

Mark & Sue Didelot said...


We are glad everything turned out ok!!!!

Mark and Sue