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Friday, March 5, 2010

Home Sunday….. Visitors on Monday!!

This post is a little late, because I brought the Bus to the house and got started on some changes, and I think of this as a “travel” blog……. not a “being at home working on the Bus” blog!!  Late, but here is the latest update covering a very nice visit by friends that we met via the TRVN (Tiffin RV Owner’s Network) forum, and got face to face in Quartzsite two years ago.

We got home from our trip on Sunday afternoon, and parked in the driveway as always to unload and cleanup the Bus.  This time, however, we had guests, Chuck and Lorraine North scheduled to show up on Monday, and we planned to park them in the driveway like we have done other RV guests!

Usually, we get lazy and take a week to 10 days to unload the Bus and get it into the storage garage.  This time we had it empty and in storage by Monday morning!!. 

Chuck and Lorraine had spent the previous week with Connie and Manuel Esparza in San Antonio, TX.  They had a great tour of all of the sights in the Alamo City.  We had decided to show them Aransas Pass, TX and Corpus Christi, TX, including Padre Island.

Chuck and Lorraine showed up about 3:00pm, and got settled into the King’s RV park………

The North's Visit 014

and here is the lucky couple……..

The North's Visit 015


On Monday evening, we visited, and since we were taking care of our grandkids after school for a while, they got to meet my son, Rick, and his two kids.  The main reason that we had them was that Patsy needed her Grammy fix, after being on the road for the past 6 weeks.

On Tuesday, I introduced Chuck to the local German Bakery (Halepska’s) and my personal Shell station with a section donated to pastries and sausage kolaches.  That morning, Chuck and I ‘made’ breakfast for the group.

After breakfast, decided to drive down to the coast.  On the way, we went by Rick’s house, since Patsy and I had not seen it.  When we left on our trip, it was a vacant lot!!

Tuesday was a  great day for the drive, and since the sun was shining and it wasn’t cold or windy. We drove to Rockport, and went to the port area:

The North's Visit 004

The North's Visit 001

The North's Visit 003

I wanted to eat at the Big Fisherman, but they were having a special priced meal for seniors and there was a long line at 2:00pm.  So, we headed to the Port Aransas ferry, and headed for  Mustang Island.  Chuck was able to check an item off his bucket list by driving his car on a beach, and Lorraine got to put her toes into the water!  She claimed the water was warmer than in Washington state.

The North's Visit 009

The North's Visit 010 The North's Visit 011

We drove into Port Aransas, and Lorraine picked the restaurant for lunch…… Moby Dick, where she and I had the big shrimp plate, Chuck a burger, and Patsy had a crab cake plate.  Lorraine did good on choosing the restaurant…. the food was good.  Here’s a picture of the restaurant…..

The North's Visit 005

After lunch, we visited some of the tourist shops on Mustang Island, and the drove to Padre Island National Park, and then headed into Corpus Christi on our way back to Victoria.  Here is Lorraine taking a picture of Patsy at one of the shops……

The North's Visit 008 

It was dark when we got home, and since we were hungry, we introduced Chuck and Lorraine to Texas landmark…. Whataburger.  Once home, we ate our burgers and played some card games.

On Wednesday Patsy took Lorraine on a tour of the city of Victoria, and many of the homes in the area.  They also went shopping, stopping only a little while to call Chuck and I to join them at a local Mexican Restaurant for lunch.  After that, they made us meet them at a department store so they could buy some shorts (on sale, of course) for our summer wear.

On Thursday, Patsy decided to cook.  She made a breakfast for us, and then ran some errands. While she was out, Lorraine also headed out to a local mall.  In the early afternoon, Lorraine showed up with some snacks and we played cards.

For her second meal of the day,Patsy made a ham and a bunch of vegetables for dinner.  Since we had the food prepared, we invited our son and his wife, Laura, and the grandkids over.  Patsy had a commitment to play Bunco with her group on Thursday night, so our son took the kids home, and our daughter in law stayed and played card games with Chuck, Lorraine, and I.  

On Friday morning, the North’s had planned to leave and drive to East Texas to visit other friends before dropping back down to New Orleans to meet Chuck’s Brother for a couple of days. However, King’s RV does hot have Full Hookups (no convenient sewer dump), so before they hit the road, Chuck and I drove down to our local city RV park, and he dumped………… and I could not resist a picture or two……


The North's Visit 017

The North's Visit 018

Chuck really gets into his work….. Doesn’t he??   I just couldn’t find any pity for him, since he was about to hit the road for New Orleans, Red Bay, Alabama, and other points of interest, and I was going to be ‘parked’ for a while!!!

Safe travels Chuck and Lorraine…. we enjoyed the visit.

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Connie Esparza said...

Nice to see you blogging again, My Friend! Nice pics.... Take care.