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Thursday, March 11, 2010

At Home – Repairs and Upgrades

Since we aren’t traveling for a while, and the weather is nice, We have been doing some repairs and upgrades.

While at the Red Bay Campground, we found wood grate covers for the Bus to replace the old metal ones that were originally installed.  When we bought them, the finish did not match our cherry wood very well, and the finish was not clear!  When we got home, I sanded them to the wood, stained and finished them.  Here are pictures of the installed grates:

Closet Mods 002

Closet Mods 003 Closet Mods 006 Closet Mods 007

While at Red Bay, we got a ceiling fan installed in the bedroom by Brannon at Custom RV, Inc., and when I got home, I installed the remote (with holder) under the cabinets above the bed to act as a convenient switch:

The fan……

Bedroom Ceiling Fan 002

The cabinets above the bed….

Bedroom Ceiling Fan 003 

The switch/controller…..

Bedroom Ceiling Fan 004


We also worked on the bedroom closet.  The Bus came with only one light in the closet on the left side.  I bought a similar fixture while in Red Bay, and installed it when we got home.  Much better lighting, and Patsy is happy because her side was the one without the light!!

Closet Mods

We also wanted to improve the closet storage.  The first picture shows the bottom of the closet as built.  We added the wire “pantry shelf” from Lowe’s.  We will be using plastic baskets similar to other bedroom storage containers.   Here are the pictures:

Original bottom…….Closet Mods 006

With shelf installed………..

Closet Mods 007 With baskets and clothes (more baskets on order)….

Closet Mods 010
We also installed some brackets to hang the stools that the grandkids use……….

Closet Mods 015

Another upgrade was the installation of a remote light switch controller for inside lights.  As discussed on the TRVN, I purchased a 12v controller over the internet for about $25 including shipping, and installed it on the light switch for the center row of lights in the living area of the Bus.  The controller came with two remotes, so I used velcro to attach one at the entry door, and will put the other in our towed car.  Here are some pictures (note: I forgot to take a picture of the controller wired to the switch before I re-installed the switch):

Switch wiring for installation of controller….

Remote Ceiling Lighting 001

The controller package with remotes…..

Remote Ceiling Lighting 003 

Wall switches after re-installation…….

Remote Ceiling Lighting 005 Remote switch at entry door…..

Remote Ceiling Lighting 006 

Ceiling lights that are remotely controlled from entry door, or from a remote in the car when we return from a trip.  Note:  They can still be turned on/off by the original wall switch…….

Remote Ceiling Lighting 013

In doing some periodic maintenance, I discovered some acid build-up in the battery compartment.  I took the metal battery holder off, grinded off the corrosion and loose paint, primed and painted it with epoxy paint..  The reinstall looks like new:

Battery Compartments 001

We have also been “spring cleaning”.  We have had the Bus since Dec 2008, so we cleaned the inside from back to front.  We even cleaned every screen and window.  It is now ready for a road trip…….  Soon, I hope!!

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