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Monday, November 6, 2017

Lone Star Allegro Rally at Trader's Village in Houston

We arrived at Trader's Village RV Park on Wednesday about noon, and got set up.  We woke up early on Thursday morning, and took the Honda CRV to drive to Vanderbilt, TX to watch the second to last football game that our grandson, Matthew would be playing in this year.  The last game will be played next Thursday while we will be at the Bluebonnet Allegro rally in Mission TX.

Since we were close to Victoria, we drove by our house, and picked up 4 weeks of mail from our neighbors so we could start going through it this weekend during the rally.

After the game, which they lost, we drove back to Houston and the Bus  to spend the night.  We got back at about 9:00pm.......... about 12 hours after we had left in the morning.

While we were gone, most of the rally attendees showed up and  got parked around us.  There were 9 rigs there when we got back.  Here is a photo that I took the next morning.......... there were 7 rigs parked on the front row, and we were right in the middle, with 3 on each side!!

On Friday night, the hosts had a lasagna dinner prepared for us, and it was good!  It was topped off with some Italian wedding cake with ice cream.  Breakfast on Saturday morning was egg and sausage Burritos, all made by the hosts and hostesses!  Here is a picture of the rally hall before it filled up with hungry people!

The park had a nice rally hall, and the two ladies seated at the table were Carol Bennett and Leona Pleasant, the hostesses for the rally.

The club had it's business meeting following the breakfast, and after that, we ventured over to the Flea Market next door.  I did take a picture of Patsy, Andy and Sylvia Flores, and Al "Doc" Bowman walking back to the RV Park.  We did not buy much, but I did pickup a spare charge cable for my cell phone.

After lunch, Steve Mesz, our club president, and I worked on my 'fuse switch' on the honda.  To tow it, you need to remove two fuses to keep the battery from running down.  The fuses are the very small mini style, and too small to pull easily, so I installed a fuse switch........... basically two small circuits with a fuse holder and a switch on each with two end wires that stick into the fuse 'clips' to complete a circuits.  To REMOVE the fuses, you just have to cut the switch off!!

Somehow on this trip, the switch quit passing current through the circuits........ and we don't have a GPS, backup camera, radio, and 12volt sockets on the dash.  After working a couple of hours on an easy job, they still don't work, but we know all the components are working!!  Here's a picture of Steve under the dash...........

 On Saturday night, we car pooled to a local BBQ restaurant, Harris County Smokehouse, for dinner, and then we returned to the rally hall for some games.

Sunday morning, Patsy and I walked over to the rally hall for a pastry breakfast, and said our "Good-Byes" and hit the road for Mission TX for a rally of our other Allegro club, the Bluebonnet Allegros.

We drove until 3:00pm, and pulled over in a Walmart parking lot in Kingsville, TX to watch the Dallas Cowboys football game.  By the time it was over, some of our favorite TV shows were coming on, so we cranked up the generator for air conditioning, and just spent the night there.

More on the Bluebonnet rally in the next posting!!!

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