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Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Grandkids Summer Road Trip—#9

When we drove into Gatlinburg on Wednesday evening to see the town, we saw that pedestrian traffic was still heavy, even at 9:30pm…… and this is a family vacation town, not Las Vegas!


On Thursday, being in the Eastern Time Zone, we had to get up early to begin a long day.  We picked up the Bus to have it ready to go when we returned for a 12 noon checkout time, and drove into Gatlinburg.  The kids wanted to play a game of miniature golf at one of the nicer courses.  As we left, I got a photo of our campsite….


Getting into town early didn’t exactly work out as planned.  Nothing opened, except food-serving places, until 10:00am……….. so we walked around town a while.


I checked ratings on the internet, and we chose “Hill Billy Golf”.  It was a neat course built on a terraced hill side, and the operators were extra nice and friendly.  They had a deal where for $5 more than one game of golf, you could get six plays, choosing from golf, black-light golf (inside), vault (where you jump or crawl through yellow laser lighting similar to the images you see in movies with security around high-dollar exhibits), bumper cars, and laser tag.

The kids did all, and opted to do the bumper cars twice!


After playing all the games, we traveled back to the campground to get the Bus, hookup the car, and headed back through Gatlinburg to enter the Smoky Mountain National Park!  The traffic was very heavy with pedestrians crossing the street almost everywhere.   Driving a 40’ Bus and pulling the CRV didn’t make it any easier, but we got to the park without incident!!


The next blog will cover our visit and travel through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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