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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Our Family Christmas

Our daughter, Deanne, came in on Tuesday with her family, husband Mike, and our youngest granddaughter, Rachel, but had to head back to Little Rock on Friday. 

Therefore, we celebrated Christmas on Thursday evening with them and our son, Rick, wife Laura, and grandkids, Matthew and Aubrey.

Patsy’s tree……….


The following pictures will be a gallery of photographs to let our relatives and friends see our family.

The Grandkids……….

IMG_3005IMG_3051 (2)

Grammie and Poppaw with the grandkids…….IMG_3125IMG_3096

Our Daughter and her family………….


Our son and his family……………


The opening of gifts was the best part for the kids!!  To begin with, we heard a noise on the front porch, and Grammie and Rachel went out to see what it was!!  Apparently, Santa Clause made a special delivery!!!


There were a lot of gifts to open, and the kids liked them all.  Here is a sample………. Can you imagine the audacity of the first one!!!  Looking at the last line it just about explains it!  It reads, “Yes, she made this shirt!”.


The same “She” made a pillow for Patsy to use in the Bus!


The Grandkids with their favorite gifts (Rachel’s was in the box on the front porch!


The following pictures show the chaos of the gift opening and the fun that the kids had…………


I ordered Matthew a BB gun, but it won’t be delivered until December 28.  The style was his choice, and I am a GOOD Poppaw!!


And finally, a T-shirt that has a correct message!!


Patsy and I attended the Christmas Eve Service at church, and then slept late on a quiet and peaceful Christmas Day!! 

I did start on the Annual maintenance service on the Bus on Christmas Eve………… got to get ready for 2017 travels.  They begin with a 6 week trip to Florida, including the Tampa RV Show, shortly into the New Year.  That will be the start of our next post.

We want to wish everyone a joyful and Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy New Year!!

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