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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We Are Up and Posting Again!!

I gave up and quit posting when the program, Live Writer, that I was using for writing my blogs and uploading suddenly quit working. 

I couldn’t remember how to do it without the program, although I just found out that it is not that hard!!  I also just uploaded an upgrade, and will see how long it will last, and if it does not last, I will use the Blogger system.

I will use this post to bring everyone up to date, in short form, to review our life in the last 14 months.

For the rest of 2015, we mostly attended weekend rallies with the two local Tiffin “Allegro RV Clubs that we are members……….. The Lone Star Allegro Club and the Allegro Bluebonnet Allegro Club.  The first club still consists of several RV owners that still ‘work’ and mostly gather from Friday to Sunday.  The other club has many more ‘retired’ owners, and they normally meet from Wednesday until Sunday………. with some of us arriving on Monday or Tuesday.  They also normally have poker games each night which is a big attraction for me!!

We also did a major project on our home in October – December in 2015.  We remodeled our Master Bath……. a real strain on a marriage.

Here are some photos:








Daughter-In-Law, Laura, and Granddaughter, Aubrey sitting on the new bathtub faucet ledge.





Hopefully, the pictures will show the remodel!   Glad when it was over!!

From Jan 06 until Feb 14, we made our annual winter trip to Quartzsite, AZ.  This year, we traveled with RV friends Ronnie and Kathy Woods, and Larry and Chris Golden.  It was a fun trip which included tours of Old Tombstone, Tucson, Phoenix, Lake Havasu City, Yuma and Las Cruces, NM. 

Patsy and I took a longer time to come back to Texas and went through Flagstaff, AZ and Albuquerque, NM and then to Odessa, TX to visit here cousin and her husband, Carol and Ron Key.  We also took our time visiting some Central Texas State Parks, while we killed time waiting for a scheduled Bluebonnet rally in Marble Falls, TX.

We then left Victoria on March 7 to attend another Bluebonnet rally in Boerne, TX from which we traveled back to Red Bay, AL to have some body work done on the Bus.  In December, I bottomed out on a side road intersection in Gonzales, TX, and cracked the fiberglass on the front cap on the Bus. We had planned to be out of town for a while, did not intend to get back to Victoria until April 18!!

After Red Bay, we wanted to go through Little Rock to see Deanne and family…….. especially granddaughter, Rachel!  I had also gotten somewhat stupid last April and suggest that our Bluebonnet club sponsor a National Tiffin Owners rally in Canton TX.  I had 7 couples to volunteer to help to put on the rally.   It was scheduled to occur April 11-15. 

Since March 22 was Rachel’s 5th birthday, we managed to stay in Little Rock for a week for the birthday party and a bit of Easter Weekend.

Here are some pictures of Rachel at her birthday party at a farm, the Clinton Library (ugh!), and around Little Rock.  When we are in town, she usually spends most of the nights in the Bus with us.  No labels on the photos, you will just have to figure it out!!!!


On her bed in the Bus with her new ‘singing bird in a cage’


Next, we headed to Canton, TX to get the Texas RV Rally going!  This story is going to be told in all photos:


The rally was sold out with 99 rigs and a little over 200 people.

Since it is late, and this blog is getting long, I am going to post it, and finish up with the last two events (our summer ‘16 vacation with grandkids to Florida and our trip to San Antonio just two weeks ago) tomorrow.

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